The best remedies for lice

The most effective means to combat the medieval scourge

People far from the real, not the glossy side of modern life, it may seem that pediculosis, just like the plague and the Inquisition, remained in the distant Middle Ages. Many disinfectants, cosmetics and caring means, comfortable baths and showers, the prevalence of information about the rules of personal hygiene did the trick: the modern man forgot about lice.

But the ability of these parasites to survive in the most adverse conditions, the speed and variability of the ways of infection, as well as the rapid reproduction of lice do not allow this problem to leave the category of topical.

And sooner or later, absolutely anyone can be “lucky” to meet personally with pediculosis. Especially, if it is a child attending a kindergarten or school or a traveler (trains and buses with their soft headrests on the seats are a common way of lice infestation).

But for these troubles, pharmacists have many solutions. It remains to understand which means of lice and nits - the best, and which - "money for the wind."

the best shampoo for lice and nits for children and adults

A set consisting of a bottle of shampoo (200 ml) and a special comb costs about 750 rubles.

Benefits. The main distinguishing feature of this product from lice and nits is the absence of insecticides in its composition - substances that have a toxic effect. The active substance in Paranit is clearol, a white mineral oil. It would seem like an ordinary oil can get rid of lice? Elementary: Clearol has a high viscosity and the ability to "stick". Due to this, it effectively clogs the respiratory holes in the lice, causing suffocation of adults. In addition, it dehydrates the parasites, which is especially important for getting rid of nits - their hard and dense shell serves as a reliable protection against the penetration of substances harmful to them. But even she is powerless before the moisture level drops to a critical point - in such conditions the larva dies. The blowing agents that make up the shampoo make it simple and comfortable to apply to the hair and do not allow the hair to stick together: after rinsing, the hair does not give out the recent presence of oil on them. Dead parasites are perfectly combed out from the roots of their hair with a special comb, which is also important: those who have already encountered these unwanted "guests" know that it is not that easy to get rid of nits tightly glued to the hair.

disadvantages. The manufacturer warns that during the period of pregnancy and lactation it is contraindicated to use this remedy. It is also not recommended to use shampoo for the treatment of pediculosis in children under three years of age.

findings. One of the best and safest products for lice and nits for children and adults ... The absence of insecticides in the shampoo is a guarantee that in case of insufficient treatment of the hair or reinfection from bed linen, the lice will not develop "immunity". 10 points out of ten.

Reviews. «My daughter brought these animals from school, although the situation was not running, the pharmacy was advised Paranit shampoo. Helped from the first time. Only instead of 10 min. held for 25 minutes Nice smell, well washed off. Excellent comb included. Of course, in addition to shampoo, they all steamed, washed, froze».


The cost of a 24-ml bottle is about 150 rubles.

Benefits. This means of insecticidal action: permethrin is the active ingredient of the drug, has a toxic effect on the body of parasites, as a result of which they die.

In addition to head lice Medifox - super recommended for the treatment of pubic lice and scabies (by the way, all these troubles often appear simultaneously), which significantly expands the range of possibilities of the tool.

disadvantages. The need to prepare a fresh portion of the drug each time (the bottle contains a concentrate that requires dilution with warm water according to the instructions) is unlikely to add comfort. Another disadvantage is the need to control that the emulsion does not get on the mucous eyes, nose and mouth - a rather difficult task, especially in the treatment of pediculosis in children. And a control strike is a contraindication to the use of Medifox-super in inflammatory processes on the scalp. Given the unbearable itching that accompanies pediculosis, and scratches that appear very quickly on the skin, a contraindication may affect too many people.

findings. Powerful, effective and effective remedy for lice, but requiring competent and careful use. 9 points out of ten.

Reviews. «A daughter from the camp brought lice, treated with Medifox. It turned out not immediately, after 9 days after treatment, lice reappeared. But this may be due not to the tool itself, but to the insufficient treatment of bed linen, since after the “second coming” they repeated the course of treatment, but already with boiling of all things. There were no more problems».

Nude Spray

The cost of a 50 ml bottle is about 5320 rubles.

Benefits. To combat pediculosis in this aerosol, a two-phase demicon is used - an insecticidal substance acting on two levels. It affects both adult parasites and nits - but louse eggs undergo a slightly different effect, which is the reason for the effectiveness of the drug: it takes into account all "life forms" that have settled in the hair.

Convenience of application (spraying of dry combed hair onto the roots) allows you to self-apply the product to the hair (although, of course, it is better if the “assistant” does it), and the comb-comb that comes with allows you to evenly distribute Nyuda-Spray over all hair.

disadvantages. Necessity to sustain means on hair within the whole 45 minutes can seem mockery. Then you need to comb the dead lice and nits with a special comb "Nyuda" (in fact, any anti-pedicular) will do. And the recommendation not to inhale the aerosol and to protect the nasopharynx from contact with the vehicle is completely scary.

findings. The “horror stories” described in the instructions for the preparation are nothing more than the need to prevent the inappropriate use of one of the best, most effective and reliable remedies for lice and nits. Subject to all rules, lice have no chance, and your health is not exposed to any risks. Deserved 10 points out of ten.

Reviews «My daughter came from a children's camp and brought lice with her. Brought them to this spray. The daughter has not very long hair, so it took a little money. Lice disappeared after the first use. Very important!! After processing, wash your hair very carefully!»

Paranit-reppelent "Protection against lice"
the best remedy for the prevention of pediculosis

The cost of a bottle of 100 ml is about 600 rubles.

Benefits. Another product from the already familiar manufacturer. Only this time, this is not about the treatment of pediculosis, but about its prevention. But any person who has survived a meeting with these parasites will learn to perceive protection from hypothetical lice in much the same way as getting rid of already existing ones: with relief and joy.

The structure of Paranit-reppelent includes components of anise oil, to which the lice have “individual intolerance”. The soft and delicate fragrance of the spray, the ease of applying the product to the hair and the 24-hour protection against lice after a single use cannot fail to impress.

disadvantages. The only drawback (except for the contraindications indicated in the instructions) can only be your own skepticism: why defend yourself against the fact that "either it happens or it does not." But if the threat is real (for example, someone from your child’s classmates gets sick) - think about this tool!

findings. 10 points this tool deserves for several reasons. The absence of toxic non-insecticides - times. The only available remedy for the prevention of lice - two. And the third is your own pleasure from traveling and rest in the most "wild" conditions, not overshadowed by the threat to renew acquaintance with lice.

Reviews. «It so happened that the whole family became infected with lice. Everybody was treated at the same time except for his son - he was called on a business trip for three days. When I returned, it was restless: well, everyone has already got rid of this misfortune, and the son will infect us anew. I bought Paranit-reppelent, all healthy people began to use it, just in case, sprayed it on the pillows. All stayed healthy! The only negative is a little expensive, of course. But on the other hand, the result is excellent.».

the best way to protect things from lice

The cost of an aerosol containing 125 g of active substances is about 560 rubles.

Benefits. All things (especially bedding and clothing) that the patient has been in contact with need heat treatment. But not all of them will remain fit afterwards. Considering that the temperature is below 55about C does not affect lice in any way, you can come to despair: either throw some things away, or boil / iron and then ... throw them away anyway.

But A-steam is designed specifically for such situations. Things from delicate fabrics, personal items (combs, hairpins, etc.), upholstered furniture, curtains, carpets — any surface that is suspicious in terms of the presence of parasites can be treated with this aerosol. Without any harm to the things themselves and fatal to lice and their eggs.

disadvantages. Some time after using the spray can not use the treated things: until the smell of A-steam disappears, it is not recommended to wear clothes. Similarly, the surfaces in the apartment to which the product is sprayed. Ventilate the room and only then "populate" it.

findings. No matter how monstrous the flaws of A-couples seem (for a few hours to lose the opportunity to admire a freshly bought cashmere coat is still a punishment), they are worth it: instead of updating your wardrobe and having to steam the sofas and chairs you can quickly disinfect everything around you. Score - deserved a dozen.

Reviews. “A-ferry was treated almost the entire summer cottage when lice appeared from somewhere. The processing process took us 3 days. Pleased that the tool did not leave any marks on the furniture and glass surfaces».

What you need to know

Starting treatment for lice, you must strictly adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Simultaneously with the first application to the hair of the selected agent, begin processing the items, clothes and household items with which the patient was contacted with head lice. Without this, even the most effective remedy will be helpless, and after a few days you will be “glad” to welcome a fresh batch of lice.
  • Each anti-pediculosis drug has strict application requirements. This is due to the inclusion of aggressive or toxic substances (without them, the lice will not even notice your attempts to get rid of them). The same applies to age restrictions: if the instruction states that the agent should not be used in a child under 3 years of age, then another agent should be selected for the treatment of a two-year-old baby.
  • Folk remedies such as vinegar, a saturated salt solution, table mustard, and the like “panacea” only seem effective. The burning and intense itching that you will experience when applying these remedies is not a death agony of lice, as the healers claim, but a chemical burn of the scalp. Lice will continue their activities as if nothing had happened, but you cannot use proven and effective products for a few more days, as most of them are forbidden to be applied to damaged scalp.
Attention! There are contraindications; consultation of a specialist

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