10 best gel polishes

Wonderful polish for flawless nails

Why gel lacquers, which according to all the rules should stick on the nails for 2-3 weeks, break off and exfoliate from them for 2-3 days already? The reasons may be different, but one of the main reasons is the low quality of the gel polish itself. How to choose this product so as to avoid disappointment?

Criteria for the selection of gel polish

And for professionals of the nail service, and for their clients, and for lovers who have mastered the application of gel polish at home, the following criteria are equally important, which the best gel polish must meet:

  • the duration of the preservation of the coating on the nail plate, without loss of gloss, without chipping, flaking, cracking and erasing the edge. The instructions to the gel polish must be stated at least 3 weeks of resistance.
  • convenience of work. The criterion is purely professional, but also for clients it is no less important, because with good varnish the master works much faster and more qualitatively. This includes:
  • The “correct” consistency of lacquer, which is applied easily, but tightly and without spreading;
  • convenient brush that allows you to make the most accurate strokes;
  • smooth removal of gel polish, which should take no more than 15 minutes with standard tools for this procedure.
  • a wide and interesting color palette, a high degree of pigmentation (density) of color;
  • harmless composition that does not worsen the condition of the nail plate;
  • acceptable smell.

If gel polish meets these criteria, has a large volume of the bottle and an affordable price, it can be considered ideal.

Which firm gel varnish is better?

American and Canadian brands are considered to be the standard of quality: CND, Gelish, Kodi, Pnb, Luxio and others. The CND company is still the favorite among them, and their creation Shellac (Shellac) has come to denote the entire family of gel polishes (although this is not quite fair, because shellac is CND brand varnish). The main difference of this group of gel polishes is the innovative formulas, compositions harmless to nails, the most relevant and fashionable shades, and, of course, the price is rather big.

European gel lacquers are less popular, but the quality and other characteristics are similar to products from the USA, for example, German OPI and Grattol or French Beautix. Korean and Japanese products show stable popularity: Masura, Haruyama, Uskusi brands offer high quality gel polishes at an affordable price.

Chinese gel varnishes Cristina, Bluesky, Canni are still popular. They are not so convenient in work and they smell sharply, but in the end they look and are worn no worse than overseas “colleagues”. And the affordable price (from 100 rubles!) Makes them an attractive offer for inexpensive salons and home use.

Domestic gel polishes are conveniently located between Europe and Asia. Russian products: Bohemia, Dona Verdona, Aurelia, RuNail, Klio Professional, E.Mi and others so far only conquer the market, but the feedback about them is mostly positive. Users have already rated their excellent quality, wear, variety of colors.

Top 10 gel varnishes - TOP 10

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best professional gel polishes1Shellac CND gel polish10 / 101 000
2Gel Polish Beautix UV Gel9.8 / 10890
3Akzentz Luxio gel varnish9.7 / 101 290
The best gel varnishes for beginners1Gel varnish F.O.X. Professional Gel Polish9.7 / 10350
2Gel varnish BOHEMIA APEX GEL9.7 / 10470
3Gel Polish Kodi Professional9.6 / 10430
The best cheap gel polishes1Gel varnish Haruyama Soak-Off9.6 / 10250
2Gel varnish bluesky9.5 / 10110
3Gel Polish Tertio9.5 / 10200
4Gel Polish TNL MagnetEffect9.4 / 10130

The best professional gel polishes

Shellac CND gel polish
1 000

The legendary gel polish, which is loved by both craftsmen and clients for their impeccable quality, glossy shine, luxurious choice of classic shades and durability. All shellacs have a comfortable flat brush and optimum thickness of the composition, and the removal process can be considered the easiest and most gentle for nails. On thin, flexible nails it is recommended to use Durafors top in order to avoid brittleness of the coating.

Main advantages:
  • premium quality;
  • convenient application;
  • varied palette;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • when removing the original tool lacquer turns into powder, nails are not injured.
  • high price with a small volume of 7.3 ml;
  • There is a risk to buy a fake.
10 / 10
For two years I have been working only with shilak and I am very pleased: the lacquers are thick and pleasant to apply, they do not spread, they have safe tints, they are easily removed. All other gel polishes for me, I'm sorry, second grade.
Gel Polish Beautix UV Gel
French gel polish won the love of Neil masters not only with a pleasant smell and non-allergenic composition. This gel polish is very simple and comfortable application thanks to the rubber in the composition. Despite the rather thick texture, the eyes perfectly lay down and spread, form a dense coating, perfectly dry out. Persistence 3 weeks. According to the reviews of masters, the gel varnishes of this brand have the best pastel shades (which are usually quite capricious), and in general a rich, varied palette.
Main advantages:
  • bottles of 8 and 15 ml;
  • great brush;
  • extra light application;
  • firmness from 3 weeks and above;
  • saturated high pigmented colors.
  • Not all shades apply equally well.
9.8 / 10
On a scale from 1 to 10 I put a solid 10 points! gel polish is very easy to apply, paints in 1-2 layers, does not strip, is very pigmented. Premium material that is convenient to work with.
Akzentz Luxio gel varnish
1 290

Gel lacquers of the Canadian brand are distinguished by a safe palette of elegant shades, a complete lack of smell and non-allergenic composition. The tool is applied easily, dries for 30 seconds, the gloss persists until the next hike to the master. This is 100% gel, so you need to apply it in strict accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer and use a powerful led-lamp. Masters point out that Luxio is one of the few gel polishes that cherishes the nail plate and does not dry or injure it. Removed only by the device.

Main advantages:
  • production Canada;
  • hypoallergenic, odorless;
  • beautiful, unusual palette;
  • very resistant (4 weeks without chipping and loss of gloss);
  • does not dry your nails.
  • requires a clear adherence to the application scheme;
  • can only be removed in the cabin;
  • expensive even for the premium segment.
9.7 / 10
Very beautiful, dense shades that are easy to work. The ideal coating in two layers, even light colors fall without bands and bald spots. The disadvantages of these gels, I have not found, the price is not considered.

The best gel varnishes for beginners

Gel varnish F.O.X. Professional Gel Polish
Medium-density gel polish, highly pigmented, fits very well on the nail and is easily leveled. It looks perfect when applied in two thin layers, but can be applied in one without stripes and baldness. The tool has a pleasant, slightly "candy" flavor. Masters also praise a comfortable soft brush, revealing a “fan”.
Main advantages:
  • no unpleasant smell;
  • perfect texture;
  • good brush;
  • many non-trivial shades;
  • does not conflict with the base and top of other brands;
  • worn 4 weeks.
  • volume only 6 ml;
  • some colors need to be applied in 3-4 layers.
9.7 / 10
Feel free to recommend F.O.X. as gel varnish with good pigmentation, without any problems during application. The price is quite acceptable not only for craftsmen, but also for home use.
Three-phase Russian gel polish attracted many masters. The consistency is thick and docile, it is distributed evenly, does not numb over the cuticle, and is also suitable for drawing. Elastic, short and straight brush reduces errors when applied to a minimum. Shades of both classic and bright neon. Lucky socks, do not break, do not grow cloudy over time. Economical, some shades enough one layer. Recommended for commercial (non-domestic) manicure for those who are just gaining experience.
Main advantages:
  • easy application even for beginners;
  • high pigmentation;
  • volume 11 ml;
  • high-quality brush;
  • does not conflict with the base and top of other brands;
  • variety of colors.
9.7 / 10
I use gel polishes for more than six months, for me they are pleasant in application and high quality. Each shade is beautiful in its own way and everything fits without problems. Of the minuses only the cost, but you have to pay for the quality.
Gel Polish Kodi Professional
American gel varnishes Cody is distinguished by an innovative rubber formula that does not give an unpleasant smell, is absolutely safe for nails and gives a shiny, durable, elastic coating without chipping. In addition, the use of these varnishes allows almost not gouging the surface of the nail before applying the composition (you only need to walk a little buff on it). The simplicity of application, good “wear” and reasonable price allow us to recommend this gel polish as the best for beginners in the nail service.
Main advantages:
  • 2 options of bottles - 8 and 12 ml;
  • convenient application;
  • high durability;
  • affordable price.
  • liquid should be applied only in a thin layer;
  • often conflicts with the base and top of other brands;
  • there is a risk to buy a fake;
  • removed by the unit / zapilivaniem.
9.6 / 10
2.5 weeks of flawless manicure is Cody! There are no complaints about the lacquer: a brilliant, saturated color, dries quickly ... But you can only remove it in the salon with tedious zapilivaniem.

The best cheap gel polishes

Gel varnish Haruyama Soak-Off
Haruyama gel polishes are characterized by high pigmentation and convenient application. The tool is thick, it is well distributed over the nail without leaking, but they will not be able to create a very thin coating. But many colors really use just one layer. The brush is standard, long and soft, well revealed and paints the nail at the cuticle. Coverage is worn for at least 3 weeks, and this is a record for the budget segment.
Main advantages:
  • high quality;
  • rich palette;
  • no sharp smell;
  • excellent application;
  • long term socks for budget lacquer.
9.6 / 10
Chic lacquer for a ridiculous price for such quality! Non-capricious, it fits well, levels the nail, dries in 36-watt, and the colors are just a bomb. Very high quality white, perfect for french.
Gel varnish bluesky

The legend of the budget segment, gel Blyuskay not surrendered their positions even in the face of fierce competition. The product is really popular and not bad in its own way, as evidenced by the fact that it is widely used in nail salons. Not the best gel polish in terms of ease of operation (relatively liquid, possible stripes), but very affordable and acceptable in terms of wear. Having got used to it, it is possible to get excellent results with this varnish, essentially saving money. We put a plus for non-capriciousness and an incredibly extensive color palette.

Main advantages:
  • very affordable price;
  • combined with top and base of other brands;
  • fantastic variety of shades;
  • easy to buy.
  • watery consistency;
  • hard to remove;
  • allergy is possible;
  • different shades fall in different ways.
9.5 / 10
If price is a decisive factor, then take Blyuskay, it is easy to adapt to it, and the result can not be distinguished from more expensive brands.
Gel Polish Tertio
Cheap gel polishes with a rich palette - what you need for a beginner. Tertio does not have the advantages of more expensive gel polishes, but in its price category they look very dignified, are not capricious and stick on nails for weeks. The pigment is dense, medium density, in two layers the varnish completely covers the nail plate. The brush is standard, but to some it seems thick. Gel varnishes of this brand dry quickly, they smell faintly, easily combined with products of other brands.
Main advantages:
  • no strong chemical smell;
  • volume 10 ml;
  • variety of shades (more than 200);
  • good quality for budget lacquer;
  • the color of the bottle matches the color of the contents.
  • neon colors strip;
  • prone to chipping at the ends.
9.5 / 10
Good gel polish at an affordable price. In the application of unpretentious, pigmentation and durability are good, always worn for two weeks, is easy to remove. I recommend for the first experiments with marigolds.
Gel Polish TNL MagnetEffect
The TNL brand has several lines of high-quality and inexpensive gel polishes, but the magnetic series with the cat-eye 3D effect was especially liked by the girls. The tool has excellent density and rich color, it can be used both independently and on the substrate. According to reviews, the most beautiful flare is obtained when using dark substrates. Application requires skill, because Lacquer tends to bleed over the cuticle, but if you show patience, you can get a stunning 3D coating effect. Term socks 2 weeks.
Main advantages:
  • saturated colors;
  • pronounced magnetic effect;
  • any magnet is suitable;
  • volume 6 ml and 10 ml;
  • removed by soaking.
  • not the most convenient application;
  • there is a pungent smell.
9.4 / 10
If you want a real 3D cat eye, then this is what you need! The colors are saturated, dense, well-magnetised, the drawing is very clear. Worn for a long time without chipping.

So which gel polish is better to choose?

So, gel polishes are very many, but not all of them guarantee a durable and beautiful manicure. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, buy products of well-known and well-established companies that have positive feedback from professional craftsmen. Have a good shopping!

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