The best toys for children 2 years

We play and develop - what toys will suit a child in 2 years

2 years is a great age when a child begins to keep his attention on one subject for much longer and concentrate it on classes until half an hour. During this period, he learns everything literally on the fly, and the task of parents is to provide various materials for all-round development.

It is right now that the child’s motor skills and speech and its coordination are developing very actively. Children are extremely mobile and can not do one thing for a long time, so during the day a variety of toys and activities are used. The best toys for boys and girls 2 years old are in our review.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best educational toys for children 2 years1The designer for kids9.9 / 101 300
2Dough for modeling9.8 / 10405
3Cubes9.7 / 10500
The best musical toys for children 2 years1Drum9.2 / 10990
The best toys for active games for children 2 years1Ball9.5 / 10300
The best game sets for role-playing games for kids 2 years1A set of children's dishes and products9.6 / 10400

The best educational toys for children 2 years

The designer for kids
1,300 (per set of LEGO DUPLO - My first playhouse)

What should be the best designer for the baby 2 years old? Of course, simple, with large parts that are convenient to capture a small pen and put together. The size of the parts must ensure safety and the impossibility of swallowing; sufficient strength will prevent chipping of the pieces. In addition to security, the designer should be bright and interesting. Lego for many years is considered a recognized leader in the production of designers. Line Lego Hollow ideal as a first designer: sets allow not only to develop motor skills, but also to learn to distinguish colors from animals.

“My first playhouse” is a unique set that allows you to beat the mode of the day and the life of your family with your parents. It is no secret that children perceive information best through the game. A playhouse in which Lego people can feed, brush their teeth, roll down and put to bed - a development role-playing game that will help the child adapt to the mode of the day and inculcate the right habits.

Expert opinion: “The game of the designer contributes to the development of fine motor skills, ideas about color and shape and orientation in space. Such a combination of various kinds of influences favorably affects the development of speech, facilitates the assimilation of a number of concepts and even the formulation of sounds, since the development of fine motor skills has a stimulating effect on the development of the speech-speaking zones of the cerebral cortex. ”, Antonova N.V., “The role of the children's designer in the development of children of preschool age”.

Main advantages:
  • develops motor skills;
  • develops color perception;
  • introduces the child to the mode of the day.
  • not.
9.9 / 10
Dough for modeling
405 (per set of dough for modeling 9 colors, 405 g. Dough from childhood)

Molding is the best developmental activity for children of any age, as it involves the work of both pens, develops fine motor skills, imagination, trains color perception and causes intense tactile sensations. You can do modeling with the kids, starting with a year. At two years old, the baby will be happy to try to roll balls and sausages with his mother. Regular wax clay is poorly suited for such activities - it is too hard for small fingers. Therefore, the best way out will be a soft dough for modeling: it is not only easily molded, but also has a natural composition that will not harm even if accidentally swallowed. The basis of this material is the usual salty dough with food dyes. As a rule, it has a salty or bitter taste, so once you try it (and the kid will definitely try to do it), the child is unlikely to want to repeat it again.

Expert opinion: “During modeling, the child develops fine motor skills, but this is far from all, because motor skills are directly related to the child’s speech function and develop in parallel, which means we conclude that modeling helps the development of the baby’s speech. It also affects the strength and mobility of the fingers, the coordination of movements, which is also quite a significant advantage. ” Bredikhina OS, “The Use of Sculpting”

Main advantages:
  • develops the motility of both hands evenly;
  • promotes the development of speech, coordination, color perception, the ability to distinguish between figures, imagination;
  • has a safe composition.
  • gets dirty;
  • freezes in air for several hours, if not removed in a jar.
9.8 / 10
500 (for a set of wooden cubes Kid of the Krasnokamsk factory)

Cubes - a very old, unique educational toy for children of preschool age. A set of cubes will not only help a 2-year-old child develop motor skills, imagination, concentration of attention, with the help of their parents together with the child, they can easily learn colors, letters and numbers (if there are pictures), and also build a real house. The cubes do not bond together, which requires the child to be careful when working and helps him to master the physical properties of objects.

The best cubes for boys and girls of two years are wooden, since the material is environmentally safe, and the resulting figures will be more sustainable. The Krasnokamsk factory produces such kits, the products are made of beech, linden and birch, covered with safe acrylic paints. The “Kid” set includes not only cubes, but also bars and other shapes from which a child can build various pyramids and houses.

Expert opinion: “It is known that the baby has the greatest interest in those things and toys that have been in the hands of an adult or with which he played with an adult. When communicating, call items: “This is a red cube. Give me a green cube. ” The first skills are very important, they form the perception and consciousness of children for many years, so be sure to communicate with the child, play cubes with him ” Galina Yaroshuk, Doctor of Biological Sciences, clinical psychologist.

Main advantages:
  • develops motor skills and coordination;
  • help to learn to distinguish colors, develop memory;
  • products made of wood;
  • can be used from a very early age.
  • care must be taken that the child does not accidentally hit himself or another child with a sharp corner of the cube.
9.7 / 10

The best musical toys for children 2 years

990 (For the children's wooden drum Nare)

Children from an early age begin to show interest in musical instruments. They like very much that various sounds can be extracted from objects. With the help of an adult, a two-year-old baby can learn a lot by playing his first musical instruments. The simplest of them is the drum. All boys and girls love him, they quickly learn to knock with chopsticks, which develops coordination, hearing, sense of rhythm, strength of hands. Parents can show the difference between low and loud sound, slow and fast rhythm. After the music class, remove the instrument so that interest in it does not fade. It is best to buy a child 2 years old bright and beautiful drum made of wood.

Expert opinion: “Developing a hearing, a child learns not only to hear, but to listen, to focus his attention on sound, to distinguish his features — this ability expands the capabilities of a child.”. Psychologist Liventseva E.O.

Main advantages:
  • ideal for first acquaintance with musical instruments;
  • develops coordination, sense of rhythm, ear for music;
  • contributes to the development of musical memory.
  • knocking too hard can break the drum;
  • the baby can enjoy the sound so much that he will play for parents all the time.
9.2 / 10

The best toys for active games for children 2 years

300 (Ball John "Mickey Mouse" 23cm)

At 2 years old, children are extremely mobile. They have already learned how to coordinate their movements well, they began to fall less and become better oriented in space. Child development at this age directly depends on movement, therefore outdoor games bring special pleasure and benefit to the baby. The best classic toy for such activities, without which it can not do, is an ordinary ball. The children's ball should be of a convenient size, not too heavy and jump well. It promotes all-round development, improving coordination, dexterity, speed of reaction of the child. The ball can be rolled on the ground, toss, pass and throw each other. Occupations with a ball will present to the kid a lot of joy.

Expert opinion: “Ball games develop the eye, coordination, wit, contribute to the overall physical activity. For a child, the ball is a hobby from the first years of life. The child does not just play the ball, but varies with them: he takes, carries, puts, throws, rolls, etc., which develops him emotionally and physically. Ball games are also important for the development of a baby’s hand. ”. Semenova V.V., “Ball games are benefits for the whole organism”

Main advantages:
  • promotes physical development;
  • develops coordination, agility, reaction speed.
  • during outdoor games it is necessary to monitor the child, as he may fall more often.
9.5 / 10

The best game sets for role-playing games for kids 2 years

A set of children's dishes and products
400 (for a set of vegetables and kitchenware "Magic Hostess" (12 items on a tray) Nordplast)

At the age of two years, boys and girls begin to show interest in role-playing games. Such activities are necessary for the development of the child, helps him to develop skills, includes imagination, helps to establish social contacts. Sets of children's dishes give a lot of room for imagination: a child can prepare and treat him with “tea” of a playmate, an adult or a favorite toy. You can feed a doll with a spoon, then wipe the face with it and wash the plate, it will instill the first good habits and the concept of cleanliness. With sets of artificial fruits, vegetables and other products, the child will learn to distinguish them, pronounce the name, remember what the food is made of, learn colors. All parts of such kits should be made of durable and safe materials, not have small parts.

Expert opinion: “Children of two or three years old learn actions with objects of the world around them exactly as adults use them. This is manifested in the fact that a cup in the hands of a child will be used to drink an imaginary drink out of it, a comb - to comb hair, etc. During this period, babies often seek to help adults and participate in domestic affairs, waiting for praise adult. Tatyana Lomteva "Game as an indicator of child development"

Main advantages:
  • develop imagination and social skills;
  • help you remember the names of products and colors.
  • not.
9.6 / 10

A child of two years is extremely curious and absorbs all the information like a sponge. At this age, it is very important to diversify development, with which a certain set of toys and adult participation can help. It is not necessary to acquire complex developmental games — fairly old and proven, the main thing is to follow some simple rules:

  • toys must be made of safe materials and not contain small parts;
  • the effect of the game will be much greater if one of the parents conducts joint exercises with the baby;
  • It is better to remove toys so that interest in them does not fade.

Engage with the child, and you will notice how much joy joint games bring him and how quickly he learns everything.

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