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Pressure under control

It is hardly worth repeating once again that the pressure in automobile tires must be maintained at the level set by the manufacturer. A good compact pressure gauge does not take up much space in the trunk, and it will definitely bring benefit.

However, the choice has its own important nuances. “Analog” gauges will inevitably have a variation in the parameters for manufacturing a tubular spring, so they need time-consuming calibration - and how a particular (and most often Asian) manufacturer will perform it, only he knows. For cheap models, the most accurate answer is “no way” at all. Therefore, these gauges can “lie” very much, and there will be little benefit from using them - why ride on constantly pumped or under-inflated tires? With digital devices easier, but they have a factory calibration is not always satisfactory.

Therefore it is necessary to figure out which of the automobile pressure gauges for measuring tire pressure can actually be bought, and which ones will become a waste of money.

Top gauge rating 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top Dial Gauges1Heyner9.7 / 10300
2Golden Eagle ADG-0319.6 / 101 100
Best gauges with a sliding scale1JTC 56119.5 / 101 230
The best electronic gauges1Golden Eagle Digital 4x49.8 / 101 000
2Daewoo DWM 79.7 / 10650
3Golden Eagle Digital PRO9.6 / 10950
4Roller M309.2 / 10700

Top Dial Gauges


Perhaps this is the only case in the memory of the author when the exact name of the model could not be established - although the inscription “AeroMoment PRO” is on the blister, there are at least two markedly different models with it. And due to the prevalence of Heyner auto accessories in stores, these models often hang together in shop windows. There is also “AeroStop PRO”, which is structurally different only in the device “legs”, the measuring head itself is absolutely the same. So we have every right to speak not about a specific model, but simply about the “Heyner gauge”.

In the pros of this ... these gauges - rubberized body, compact size, the presence of a pressure relief valve, which can be used as a deflator. If there is no hurry, of course - the throughput section here is small. The scale is legible, it is calibrated only in bars without any unnecessary psi, the division price is 0.1 bar, so there are no “contraindications” to the purchase. At the same time, most sold pressure gauges do not cause any complaints about accuracy. But it is the majority - in the minuses we will definitely bring some probability to run into the "false" pressure gauge. For cheap "mechanics", alas, this probability is inevitable.

Main advantages:
  • Rubber measuring head
  • Convenient scale
  • Pressure gauge worth checking for accuracy
9.7 / 10
Good inexpensive pressure gauge, quite decent quality, tire pressure is normal. Given the price, definitely worth a vote for.
Golden Eagle ADG-031
1 100
Due to the presence of a deflator on a flexible hose, this gauge will be useful on off-road pokatushki when you need to pull the tires. True, all the inscriptions on the deflator are written in English - fortunately, one can understand the principle of operation using the “spear method”, but for the Russian market it would be worth choosing the appropriate language.

However, the manufacturer “offended” the units of measurement that we are used to - the outer, more comfortable, scale is marked in absolutely useless pounds per square inch (psi) in the vast majority of countries. The “human” atmospheres are hidden inside the scale. The price of division is 0.2 atm. And what if you need to pump 2.1 or 1.9 atmosphere? It is necessary to “catch” the middle position, the benefit of the size of the arrow and the distance between the divisions allow it.

Main advantages:
  • The carving tip which is reliably fixed on the nipple
  • Deflator on the hose
  • Not very convenient scale
9.6 / 10
The gauge shows quite accurately, but it would be worth marking the scale normally. We are not in America to actually use psi.

Best gauges with a sliding scale

JTC 5611
1 230
Good professional manometer, strong and reliable. Moreover, the manufacturer clearly sought to universality - the maximum measured pressure here is as much as 11 atmospheres, which is obviously too much for an ordinary motorist. It is unlikely that you use KamAZ as a personal transport?

But in the range of the usual "passenger" pressure gauge from JTC is quite convenient, besides it keeps compact dimensions. As with any retractable pressure gauge, its length is directly proportional to pressure, and up to a maximum of 270 mm its passenger wheel will not “inflate” for sure.

Please note that the scale is calibrated in increments of 0.2 bar, so that “odd” pressure will have to be set between the divisions. This, perhaps, will be the main drawback of the gauge.

Main advantages:
  • Workmanship
  • Accurate Calibration
  • Rough scale
9.5 / 10
The manometer takes up minimal space and is absolutely non-kill. Therefore, in fact, bought.

The best electronic gauges

Golden Eagle Digital 4x4
1 000
In the domestic market, this digital pressure gauge is one of the most accurate, while its price is quite acceptable. The manufacturer declared an error of 0.05 bar, and in practice these promises are fully confirmed. The range of measurements is sufficient for all occasions - even pump up the wheels to the ringing, at least lower the pressure to the minimum for the passage of the swamp. No wonder that the title mentioned "4x4", right?

Controls at the gauge minimum - you press the power button (it also switches the units of measurement) and press the tip to the nipple. After fixing the maximum pressure, this value remains on the screen, the screen itself has sufficient size and bright backlighting for trouble-free readability. The tip is also highlighted, which will be convenient in the dark - this feature is in the entire “Berkut” line of digital pressure gauges.

The power source is three half-a-volt "LR44" buttons. Their capacity is small, but the pressure gauge consumes their charge quite economically. The main thing is not to leave it for a long time in the cold, which the instruction directly indicates (minimum operating temperature is 0 degrees). And the batteries "go to zero" very quickly, and the LCD screen freezes.

The only thing this instrument lacks is a pressure relief valve. In this case, he would deserve an honest 10 points out of 10.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Comfortable housing
  • No built-in deflator
9.8 / 10
The best tire pressure gauge, comfortable, especially in the dark. I checked on the testimony with the professional - there is no scatter, so you can safely take it.
Daewoo DWM 7
The accuracy of this gauge is not inferior to the "Berkut", and the brand gives +10 to trust in quality. In general, it will always be necessary to mention “Berkut” during the comparison - there is a strong suspicion that the “stuffing” of these devices according to the scheme, if not the same, is very close.

There is no deflator here either, and the body itself, although strikingly striking in its design, is less convenient than the Berkut one. Therefore, using the right of copyright arbitrariness, we put Daewoo in second place, despite the lower price with the same accuracy. However, for the female hand, he will be comfortable enough in the grip.

In the list of characteristics, the manufacturer clearly decided to boast: the operating temperature range starts as low as -50 degrees ... are you serious now? In reality, of course, it’s not worth freezing DWM 7. This is true for all digital pressure gauges, and the Koreans could not defeat the laws of physics.

Main advantages:
  • Accuracy is not satisfactory
  • Tip light
  • Not the most comfortable case for a male brush
9.7 / 10
I chose the best gauge for tests and reviews, I did not lose - a quality thing, it is convenient to use. Batteries for long enough.
Golden Eagle Digital PRO
This gauge was well conceived - a large screen, a built-in tread depth gauge, a flashlight, and even a cap removed from the wheel can be screwed onto a special ledge of the case! But you have already understood that there are also disadvantages here, and first of all, this is the very form of the case. The manufacturer obviously intended to wear a manometer on his belt, for which he was made in the form of a carbine - but in reality, someone will do so? But the grip of this "carabiner manometer" is not that inconvenient, but inconvenient at all, besides, the button for turning on the flashlight is constantly involuntarily pressed.

There are no complaints about the accuracy of the pressure gauge, the sensor is the same here as the “Digital Eagle Digital 4x4”. But the power supply is no longer the “buttons” of the LR44, but the lithium batteries CR2016. Due to this, the pressure gauge became more “frost resistant”, and it became more convenient to change the batteries - just unscrew the lid with a coin.

However, problems with ergonomics do not allow this gauge to rise above 3 places in the ranking.

Main advantages:
  • Large display
  • Interesting options
  • Inconvenient case, poor flashlight button layout
9.6 / 10
Received as a gift, so I will not find fault with the body. And so - the pressure gauge is accurate, the display is good. The tread depth gauge is a nice bonus.
Roller M30
The pressure gauge is quite convenient to use, the functionality is traditional for digital devices (read - “I can show the pressure and highlight the tip”). Well, the price is quite interesting.

But above the fourth place in the rating of this manometer does not give. Just look at the display, which has only one digit after the point. What is the problem? The fact is that all digital measuring instruments physically have no more than one precision in the low order because of rounding. Therefore, for example, 2.14 atmospheres in the wheel will be displayed on the screen as “2.1”, and 2.15 will instantly turn into 2.2 in the gauge.

In fact, of course, it is not so scary, “Kachok” can be bought and used without problems for tires. But if for the same money you can buy a more accurate device, is it not worth choosing something else?

If you leave aside the regularly increasing perfectionism of the author, then the main complaint about the “Kachka” will be excessive battery consumption: here are used three “buttons” LR44, as in many other gauges, but they end noticeably faster.

Main advantages:
  • Good ergonomics
  • Batteries go fast
  • Accuracy is not the best
9.2 / 10
It is more convenient than a switch, it is definitely. True, it would be better if the batteries were bigger.

How to choose a gauge?

Perhaps the first question will be - to choose a mechanical or electronic? The definite plus of the “mechanics” is that it is always ready for use and is not afraid of the cold. Therefore, the mechanical pressure gauge can safely carry with you in the trunk, without fear that at the right time he refuses to work because of the dead batteries. Another advantage of mechanical pressure gauges is the ability to relieve pressure on many models, which allows pumping wheels with a compressor “with reserve” if the standard pressure gauge on it does not inspire confidence, and then adjusting the pressure to normal, but for off-road vehicles this option is definitely not superfluous .

But the choice of mechanical pressure gauge must be treated very carefully. As we said in the introduction, they are very sensitive to manufacturing accuracy. Therefore, many cheap gauges frankly "show the weather on Mars," and the deviations can reach up to 0.5 atmosphere - you know, you will not be able to use such a manometer.

More simple to manufacture are not arrow dial gauges, but retractable ones: pressure is not converted into pressure in a tubular spring, which leads the arrow through gears, but directly moves the piston-scale, so accuracy is ensured by simple calibration of the spiral spring. But of all the designs, this one is the most inconvenient and poorly readable, which directly affects the popularity of pressure gauges of this type.

Electronic gauges also have their advantages. The digital display is easier to read than a regular scale, and thanks to the backlight at night and at night it is definitely better. Choosing a digital pressure gauge is easier - there is less frank slag on the market. However, deflators will have to be forgotten: pressure relief valves are only available on digital pistol pressure gauges for tire compressors, which are not included in the scope of this article. You shouldn't carry a “figure” in the trunk in the winter either - neither the battery nor the LCD screens like it.

Also note the tip. The fastest way to use pressure tips - pulled out a pressure gauge, pressed it to the nipple ... and, in fact, everything. However, it is these tips that most often poison the air; on some nipples, they may not squeeze the valve. Such tips are usually used on the most compact models.

On the same hose either clamping or threaded lugs are attached. The threaded end is the best choice - of course, it is slower, but it guarantees a tight fit and valve squeeze. Cheap lugs with a clamp often hold the nipple in place, and they have to be pressed by hand if the clamp weakly grips the threads.

Have a good shopping!

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