4 top hammers

Any nail is not a hindrance

Hammer - an indispensable thing in the economy. However, it is not worth buying the first instance you see - it threatens to turn into serious consequences. Bad hammers disgustingly cope with their tasks, not wanting to pull a nail out of the canvas on the first attempt or hammer it. Choose the best hammer (for example, one of the tools described in this selection) - and then you definitely will not miss!

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top Hammers1Hammer hammer Lux 500 g10 / 10369
2STURM! 1010-03-HM2009.7 / 10250
The best nail hammer1MATRIX 1045010 / 10449
Best Hand Electric Hammer1INTERSKOL M-25/15009.7 / 1022 300

Top Hammers

LUX hammer bench 500 g
Bench hammers differ from others in the absence of the function of the puller. You will immediately notice this if you look at the product of the company LUX. In its assortment there are several hammer hammers, but the most popular is the 500-gram model. It fits optimally in the hand, and the average swipe is enough to drive a nail into the wood floor by at least half. The head of this hammer is made of tool steel - it is almost impossible to cause serious damage to it. The handle was made of fiberglass, its lower half is supplemented with a rubber coating. This LUX product has dimensions of 32 x 12 x 2.7 cm, which means that it can fit in the vast majority of toolboxes.
Main advantages:
  • Rubber grip cover
  • Durable head
  • Low price
  • Absent
10 / 10
STURM! 1010-03-HM200
This bench hammer incorporates a fiberglass-based handle. Its lower half has a rubber coating. It should be noted that the tires are very dense and pleasant to the touch. This makes using the tool very simple - you will notice fatigue only a few hours later. The square shape of the striker will not allow any significant number of misses. It is almost impossible to damage the head of this tool. The secret of this lies in the special protection against splitting.
Main advantages:
  • Comfortable rubber coated grip
  • Optimal size
  • Attractive appearance
  • Low price
  • It looks not the most reliable fastening of the head to the handle
  • 200 grams may not be sufficient.
9.7 / 10

The best nail hammer

MATRIX 10450
All hand tools under the brand MATRIX have a similar appearance. In most cases, they are equipped with a red handle, which is supplemented with rubber inserts. This can be said about the hammer-nailer MATRIX 10450. The design of this tool should appeal to anyone. He just wants to take it in his hand, so that he can immediately begin to hammer in and pull out the nails. A metal round armor actively contributes to this. Its weight is 450 grams. The handle of this model was created from fiberglass. The rubber coating is applied only to those places that are usually wrapped around the hand of the worker. The hammer of the hammer is made of tool steel. For greater reliability, it has undergone selective hardening, as a result of which the creators achieved a hardness of 55 HRc. To damage such a tool, you have to drop it from space.
Main advantages:
  • Hanging hole
  • Convenient form
  • Rubber cover
  • Optimal weight
  • High reliability
  • High enough price
10 / 10

Best Hand Electric Hammer

22 300
This electric hammer will need only professional builders who are going to demolish the house or completely modify the room. The device has in its composition a barrel-bollard, whose mass reaches 1.25 kg. The power of the engine installed here is 1500 watts. Complete with an electric hammer, the buyer will receive a case, oil for lubrication, oil can, chisel and lance. The disadvantage of this device is only too high cost.
Main advantages:
  • Tremendous impact force
  • Rich equipment
  • Decent weight (17 kg)
  • Dependence on electricity
  • Very high price
9.7 / 10

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