6 best baby diapers

These different diapers

Criteria for choosing the best diapers for newborns

The parents devote at least as much time to the selection of first diapers as to the selection of a cot or clothes for a baby, and this is completely justified. Unfortunately, in the store, we often can appreciate the beauty of the packaging, and not the real look and certainly not the “combat” qualities of the diaper. What are the signs of good diapers for newborns?

Right size

For babies, sizes 2–5 kg (XXS), 3–6 (NB, Newborn), 0–5 kg, and size 0, or Micro (up to 2 kg) are intended. At the same time, all brands have their own “pattern” of pampers, there are wider and narrower models, and some of them are completely “undersized”. But after all, kids are also all different. Therefore, for the beginning, you can buy 2-3 different small packs and experience their convenience and efficiency with the baby.


Cotton is a natural, soft and breathable material. It is the best for newborns, but diapers are quite expensive. Cellulose is cheaper, gives diapers a somewhat “cardboard” look, but this is also a safe and hypoallergenic raw material, like nonwoven fabric. But if there is polyethylene in the composition, it should be alerted: such a diaper will not be able to provide the skin with the necessary air exchange.


As an absorbent material can act as a dry gel in the granules (it is more expensive and more efficient), and fibrous fillers. It is important that the substance is not only quickly and efficiently absorbed, but also distributed over the entire inner surface of the diaper, including the upper part. It is noticed that models with a color strip of gel in the middle are worst of all absorbed. But if the gel inside the diaper is crumpled or, even worse, turns out on the skin of the baby, such product should be immediately discarded.

Locking elements

Velcro good diapers should be reusable and do not deliver unpleasant sensations to the baby’s skin (do not stick, prick, etc.). Another essential element is soft cuffs around the legs. Not all models have elastic bands at the waist or an elastic band, but with them the diaper keeps better and absorbs more reliably.

Special properties of diapers

This is a strip indicator of filling, embossing or a mesh on the inner surface of the diaper for better absorption, a cut-out for the navel, additional cuffs, as well as natural impregnations with antibacterial and caring properties.

What do the manufacturers of diapers for newborns offer?

All the leaders of the diaper market produce models for newborns. Admittedly moms, Japanese diapers (Goo.n, Merries, Moony) are not only the most delicate and comfortable, but also the highest quality and effective. True, they are not affordable for everyone, and among them there are “export” parties, the quality of which is much lower.

The leaders in popularity still remain European brands: Pampers, Huggies, Libero. They are cheaper, and the quality suits most Russian mothers. At the same time, premium brands and series (Fixies, Pampers Premium Care, Huggies Elit Soft) are practically no different in their properties and price from the Japanese ones. Eco-nappies stand out: Naty, Greenty, Lovular and others. They are characterized by good quality, high price and inaccessibility in ordinary stores.

Price Expert has identified 6 best diaper models for newborns that deserve the attention of moms.

Top diaper ranking for newborns - TOP 6

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best Japanese diapers for newborns1Moony for newborns 0-5 kg9.9 / 101 238
2Merries diapers (0-5 kg)9.3 / 101 550
Best cheap diapers for newborns1Diapers Huggies Elite Soft 1 (up to 5 kg)9.5 / 10440
2Diapers Libero Newborn 1 (2-5 kg)9.0 / 10346
The best diapers for low birth weight and premature babies1Diapers Goo.N (1.8-3 kg)9.6 / 10745
2Pampers Premium Care 0 (1-2.5 kg)9.2 / 10464

Best Japanese diapers for newborns

Moony for newborns 0-5 kg
1,238 (per pack 90 pcs)

Moony diapers are distinguished by optimal price and quality among Japanese diapers.

Incredibly soft and thin Moony is ideal for the delicate skin of a newborn: they do not cause allergies, the breathing material helps to avoid diaper rash, and a special neckline in the baby's navel is designed for the comfort of mother and baby while the wound has not healed yet. Air cuffs and elastic on the back allow you to protect yourself from leaks. Anatomical shape and comfortable fasteners allow the product to sit tightly on the body of the child, without squeezing and not rubbing. The skin breathes, and the baby sleeps calmly.

Main advantages:
  • perfectly soft;
  • thin;
  • gum on the back;
  • filling indicator;
  • there is no foreign smell;
  • absorbent belt;
  • navel cutout.
  • not always on sale;
  • small size;
  • due to a good degree of absorption become wet outside;
  • possible leakage.
9.9 / 10
Now only muniki! Convenient fasteners, the material is much softer than other diapers. Cuffs are thin, but do not let moisture. On the pope sit well and do not cause irritation. Low density is the only significant disadvantage.
Merries diapers (0-5 kg)
1 550 (for packing 90 pcs)

Merries - the most popular Japanese diapers for newborns. For many mothers, Merris is a standard for high-quality diapers. Once having bought them for their baby, they are no longer able to give up the pleasure of putting them on the baby again. Whatever moisture inside Merris is, they are always dry. Gentle and weightless, they give comfort and completely eliminate diaper rash problems.

Main advantages:
  • fill indicator;
  • cellular inner surface;
  • instant absorption;
  • excellent ventilation;
  • reusable clasp with rounded corners.
  • absorb moisture from the air, so it may seem wet outside;
  • only large packages;
  • not all fit (there are complaints about the course).
9.3 / 10
Very soft and thin diapers, just use them. Of course, not the cheapest, but the child’s lack of diaper rash is worth it. Convenient wide display band - I can not imagine a diaper without it. The best option for diapers for newborn babies.

Best cheap diapers for newborns

Diapers Huggies Elite Soft 1 (up to 5 kg)
440 (per package 27 pieces)

New Huggies diapers absorb and allow baby’s skin to breathe. A special inner relief layer with micro pads protects the child from local irritation with frequent bowel movements: liquid stools are perfectly absorbed, leaving the ass clean. The elastic belt helps to put the diaper on the baby tightly, while it does not press and does not cause discomfort. In the manufacture of the diaper is used only 100% cotton, which ensures normal air circulation and does not cause allergies.

Main advantages:
  • affordable price;
  • relief surface;
  • soak up loose stools;
  • gum on the back;
  • filling indicator;
  • Reusable Velcro.
  • there is a faint odor;
  • not suitable for everyone - there are complaints about the course;
  • rough gum between the legs.
9.5 / 10
Good diapers, soft, rubber back there. Absorb well, but if the child sleeps for a long time, the surface still remains slightly wet - this causes concern to the little one.
Diapers Libero Newborn 1 (2-5 kg)
346 (for packing 30 pieces)

Libero Newborn 1 - the most affordable of high-quality diapers. Libero for the little ones takes into account the anatomical features of the newborn baby, allowing you to spend the first days of a child's life with maximum comfort. Special soft material does not allow rubbing and irritation. A special neckline on the belt of these diapers carefully protects the umbilical wound. High barriers do not allow leaks. The mesh layer quickly absorbs liquid baby stools, eliminating the occurrence of diaper rash. The baby's skin breathes, and mom stays calm.

Main advantages:
  • attractive price;
  • navel cutout;
  • filling indicator;
  • gum on the back.
  • chemical odor present;
  • paper material;
  • quickly get wet.
9.0 / 10
Good diapers, but I will combine with other brands. Rough material for the newborn, especially compared to the Japanese. Although the neckline on the navel is very useful in the hospital!

The best diapers for low birth weight and premature babies

Diapers Goo.N (1.8-3 kg)
745 (per pack 36 pcs)

Goo.N (1.8-3 kg) - tiny diapers of premium quality, designed for lightweight and premature babies. Gong quality is one of the highest in the market for this product. Diapers fit well and are easily adjustable. The relief structure reduces the area of ​​skin contact with matter, and thanks to micropores, the material breathes, preventing diaper rash.

Main advantages:
  • small size;
  • environmental friendliness and naturalness;
  • very soft elastic band;
  • odor neutralization function.
  • high price;
  • moisture indicator is less informative than other "Japanese".
9.6 / 10
We used different diapers for our baby and stopped on these ones. They are soft and gentle, they absorb very quickly, the babe's bottom is always dry and the inner layer of the diaper is also dry.
Pampers Premium Care 0 (1-2.5 kg)
464 (for packing 30 pieces)

The best diapers among the Pampers, the thinnest and providing the best protection. They have three absorbent channels due to which moisture is evenly distributed inside the diaper and does not interfere with the baby. Absorbent mesh layer quickly absorbs loose stools. Stretching sides and elastics reliably protect against possible leaks, but do not squeeze the skin, allowing the diaper to sit tightly and comfortably on the body of the baby. Thanks to micropores, the material retains its breathable properties for a long time. Special impregnation with aloe extract gently cares for the skin.

Main advantages:
  • thin;
  • mesh on the inner surface to absorb liquid stool;
  • navel cutout;
  • filling indicator;
  • soaked with a soothing balm with aloe extract;
  • breathable soft material;
  • do not leak.
  • strong odor (contain fragrance);
  • rezinochki put pressure on the legs.
9.2 / 10
We tried several different diapers, diapers for us were the best. Never leak and even after a few hours the ass remains dry. Saved us from diaper rash. And for the price is ok.

What kind of diapers for newborns is better to choose?

So, Price Expert made its choice based on the objective characteristics of various diapers. However, among moms there is no (and can not be) unity on this issue, because Each child has its own characteristics and needs. Therefore, we recommend you to try and try different versions of diapers, selecting the best of the worthy for your crumbs. Have a good shopping!

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