6 best bait for carp fishing

Review of the best bait for carp fishing - according to experienced anglers

Fishermen very rarely catch the carp without feeding. This is explained by the fact that this large fish has an excellent appetite. It lingers only on such parts of the reservoir where there is a lot of food. But today, carp in many ponds is so spoiled that you can only lure it with a properly balanced mix. The following components should be included in a good bait for carp fishing.

  1. Basic component It is a small fraction of plant food, most often it is one or several types of natural flour. When sinking to the bottom of such ingredients create a cloud or dregs, which attracts fish from afar.
  2. Aft part introduced in order to delay the fish at the point of catching. Carp loves whole or crushed grains of corn, peas, wheat, as well as pieces of boiled potatoes, boilies and pellets. Only large particles can hold up large fish.
  3. Binders added when there is a current or with great depth. They prevent the disintegration of the lump of bait in the upper layers of water. Clay and oatmeal are good binding ingredients.
  4. Rippers required for the decay of the bait ball at the bottom of the reservoir. As a cultivator canned corn, bran, maggots, chopped worms and bloodworms can be used.
  5. To make the bait even more attractive flavoring additives and flavors. If dry additives need to be added to the mixture 6 hours before fishing, then liquid dip can be entered directly while mixing the bait.

In our ranking of the best bait for carp entered compositions, which are not one season used by experienced karpyatnik and fishermen-athletes.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best bait for trophy carp1Traper big carp9.9 / 10190
The best grain bait for carp1MINENKO PMbaits CARP9.8 / 10600
The best bait for match fishing carp1Sensas 3000 Match Carp9.9 / 10500
The best domestic bait for carp1DUNAEV Premium Carp Sazan9.9 / 10135
The best winter bait for carp do it yourself1Breadcrumbs with canned corn9.9 / 10130
The best summer bait for carp do it yourself1Corn and Wheat Mix9.8 / 10200

The best bait for trophy carp

Traper big carp
190 (1 kg)

Traper has created a bait for targeted fishing for large fish. Nutrient mixture with a set of large fractions is able to interest such trophy fish such as carp, carp, carp, tench and crucian carp. It contains a lot of protein-rich components, and crushed seeds and nuts play the role of a filler. Prikormochnaya mixture can be used both in pure form and in mix with other compounds. Even a small additive Big Carp makes prikormochnoe spot more attractive for large fish. Depending on the mood of the carp and the habitat, the angler can choose the bait with the smell of honey, corn, vanilla or cream.

Main advantages:
  • selective effects on large fish;
  • rich selection of flavors;
  • possibility of mixing with other mixtures.
9.9 / 10
I got carried away karpfishing, went through a lot of bait. Stopped at Trapper Big Carp. Indeed, the number of bites of trophy fish has increased significantly, to which I am quite pleased.

The best grain bait for carp

600 (3 kg)

The domestic producer of baits and baits MINENKO has released a new specialized series of bait mixes PMbaits CARP. Along with the usual kilogram packing there is a BIG PACK line weighing 3 kg. This amount of bait is enough for cooking food for all fishing. In the new series there are ready-to-use compounds, mixtures based on grains, boilies and pellets, as well as various mixes for specific fishing conditions. Karpa will be able to hold large fractions, protein supplements, natural extracts and extracts for a long time at the baited point. The composition is perfectly balanced, it can be used as a bait for carp.

Main advantages:
  • the presence of large fractions;
  • protein supplements;
  • can be used for the respect of fish.
  • rarely found in stores.
9.8 / 10
Last year, I experienced Minenko on carp platnik. Fish from the feed just love it! The smell is amazing, there are cereal components in the composition that hold the carp.

The best bait for match fishing carp

Sensas 3000 Match Carp
500 (2 kg)

Prikormochnaya mixture created for targeted carp fishing. It has a unique structure and complex aromatics. Coarse grains of corn, cereals and legumes will help to keep carp for a long time at the point of catching. The composition is selected so that the bait balls disintegrate at the bottom of the reservoir. The line of bait for match fishing was created with the active participation of experienced athletes. The composition can be used in pure form or to add to it grain mixtures, soil and flavors. Prikormochny composition can be used both in stagnant water, and in reservoirs over.

Main advantages:
  • easy to adjust consistency;
  • there are large grain components;
  • attractive flavor.
  • high price.
9.9 / 10
My favorite way of fishing is the float. I hunt for carp with match fishing rod and bait Sensas 3000 Match Carp. The composition is well attracted and keeps the fish at the point of fishing.

The best domestic bait for carp

DUNAEV Premium Carp Sazan
135 (1 kg)

The bait "DUNAEV Premium" Karp Sazan was created by domestic professionals of fishing. The composition is versatile, allowing you to fish both on the float and on the feeder. Mixtures of this series have a distinct aroma, which allows you to immediately lure the fish. Prikormochnoy mixture successfully used not only by carp fisher, but also beginners anglers. The effectiveness of the composition has repeatedly been confirmed at various international competitions. Grinding fractions range from 0.3 to 2 cm, holding large fish. The composition also has pieces of biscuit. Bait does not create a strong turbidity, possessing strong stickiness.

Main advantages:
  • nice smell;
  • high viscosity;
  • affordable price.
9.9 / 10
Since 2015, I have been using the domestic bait from Dunayev. I want to mention the calm smell that attracts fish. The bait is viscous, so no clay or semolina is required. And most importantly - the composition is effective for carp.

The best winter bait for carp do it yourself

Breadcrumbs with canned corn
130 (0.5 kg of rusks, 170 g of corn)

For ice fishing for carp, bait based on breadcrumbs and canned corn proved to be best. The mixture is done simply and quickly, it is important only to observe a certain sequence during the mixing of the ingredients.

  • Half a jar of corn poured into a plastic bag and warm up.
  • Then, breadcrumbs and whole grains of corn are poured into the bag.
  • Moisturizing is done with a pickle jar.
  • When fishing you need to add a little moth or daphnia.

Small balls are made before lowering into the hole.

Main advantages:
  • ease of preparation;
  • affordable price;
  • high efficiency.
  • may freeze at sub-zero temperatures.
9.9 / 10
Every winter I visit one reservoir where carp bite. To attract fish helps homemade bait of breading and corn. The price is small, prepares elementary, and carp like.

The best summer bait for carp do it yourself

Corn and Wheat Mix
200 (1 kg of corn, 1 kg of wheat)

A very effective bait for carp fishing in warm water is a mix of corn and wheat. It is great for carp fishing at a depth of 2 m. It is necessary to prepare the mixture in advance.

  • Grains of corn and wheat are washed in water.
  • In a container of cereals poured water from the reservoir. The volume is chosen so that to the edge of the pan remained 5 cm.
  • Hemp, anise fits the role of flavoring. Sweeten the mix will help 100 g of sugar.
  • After complete dissolution of sugar capacity is placed in a warm place for 2 days.
  • After fermentation, bait can be thrown at the point of catching.
Main advantages:
  • attractive fermentation flavor;
  • easy to digest;
  • does not attract small fish.
  • requires advance preparation.
9.8 / 10
From spring to autumn I feed the carp with a fermented mixture of corn and wheat. Bait attracts large fish, a trifle does not have time to come. The carp stands on the spot for a long time, turning over the seeds.

Flavors play a special role in carping. Some of them are applied directly to the bait before casting a snap. These are various sprays and dipy.

In prikormku added oils and aromatic components, as well as liquid and attractants. To choose the right smell, you should consider a number of factors.

  • The most effective aroma from late spring to late summer is vanilla. In warm water, bait works well with the addition of 30 g of vanilla sugar per 1 kg of bait mix. But if the body of water experiences a strong pressure from the side of the carp, then the fish can ignore the food with this smell.
  • In the summer, carp can attract fruit flavors. It can be the smell of plum, pineapple, strawberry, banana, peach, and their combination.
  • Throughout the year you can use hemp. These can be ground seeds or extracts.
  • In some reservoirs, a good result can be achieved by garlic. Most often, carp reacts positively to this strong smell. Garlic in the bait is combined with both vanilla and peach.

Cooking bait - this is a great scope for the angler's fancy. It is necessary to try different combinations of ingredients, then the carp will not resist the tasty mix. Successes on fishing!

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