Proper choice of hair dryer

A good hair dryer does not hurt the hair

Healthy, shiny and well-groomed hair is the best decoration for a woman. But in order to beautifully lay the curls, it is not necessary to spend money on a daily visit to the hairdresser. You can dry and style your hair at home, however, it will be possible to achieve a perfect result only if you choose the right hair dryer. But it should be borne in mind that the quality and capabilities of the hair dryer will depend on the health and beauty of the hair, as well as the amount of time that will have to be spent on styling.

To find the optimal model of a hair dryer, you will have to study some technical characteristics, for example, the power of the device, understand the abundance of additional nozzles and choose the optimal weight and design.

Main selection criteria

When choosing a hair dryer, you first need to think about the purpose of its purchase. Indeed, it is one thing when a hairdryer will rarely use it, mainly for drying hair, and it is quite another if it will be used for styling, modeling or straightening unruly strands. In addition, hair length, their type and structure is of great importance. In order not to get lost among a wide range of all kinds of hair dryers, styling and brushing, first of all, it is necessary to understand the types of hair dryers, their power and operating modes.

Types of hair dryers

  • Compact- have a folding handle, because of what they are often called road. The power reserve of such a device is small and rarely exceeds 1200 watts. Folding hair dryers have a maximum of two speeds and one nozzle hub. Such models are relatively inexpensive.
  • Household -universal hair concentrators, which are most often found on store shelves. They have standard power and equipment: a concentrator head and sometimes a diffuser. More expensive models can be equipped with useful features such as cold airflow and ionization. The range of household hair dryers is quite extensive, as well as the price range.
  • Professional -sold in special stores and have high power rates. Professional hair dryers are powerful and durable, however they are heavy and heavy.
  • Hair Dryers for styling -The main purpose of such devices is hair styling, so they have a special design in the form of a brush or curling. Such hair dryers have a small capacity, so they are not intended for drying.
  • Stylers - compact and versatile devices that combine the functions of a hair dryer and a brushing. Stylers have a wide range of various nozzles: “heating hand” giving pomp, a nozzle brush for volume and creating waves, a brush with retractable teeth for curls, a nozzle for disentangling, combing and leveling hair, etc.


This indicator is most viewed by buyers, but already at this stage gross errors are made. Many believe that the more power, the better it will be to cope with their work device. In fact, the power depends only on how long it takes to lay.

  • 1000-1200 watts - such hair dryers have compact dimensions and low weight. Suitable for dry, brittle and short hair, because a more powerful hair dryer can damage the structure of the hair, and dry the curls faster than styling will be done.
  • 1200-1800 watts - these devices are intended for home use. Ideal for heavy, long and thick hair. Hair dryers with such power will provide the hair with the necessary volume, fluffiness and fast drying.
  • 2300 watts and higher - professional models used in hairdressing. High power allows you to quickly dry your hair and make styling in just a few minutes, but regular use of a professional hair dryer will only lead to brittle hair, drying of the scalp, loss of shine, dandruff and other unpleasant consequences.

Modes of operation

A good hair dryer has at least three speeds and three temperature regimes. The most powerful is needed to eliminate excess moisture, medium - for final drying, minimum - for styling. In addition, manufacturers offer additional modes that are designed to facilitate the drying and hair styling.

  • Cold air -It allows to dry hair gently and fixes the hair, giving the curls a complete look. To do this, you need to send a stream of cold air to your hair for 10 seconds and the formed styling or curling will last much longer.
  • Ionization -A special plate producing negative ions is installed in the hair dryers. These electrically charged particles neutralize the positive ions of wet hair, thereby preventing electrification. Also, manufacturers claim that hair after drying in the ionization mode will shine and dry faster.

Additional selection criteria

In addition to the design, power and operating modes, when choosing a dryer, you should pay attention to other important characteristics.

Body, weight and type of heating element

  • Hairdryer body should be made of high quality materials. Hair dryer should not creak, have a gap and uneven joints. Cheap plastic after 5-10 minutes of drying will begin to melt and produce an unpleasant smell. But it is almost impossible to distinguish by appearance whether the hair dryer has a high-quality case or not, therefore it is better to purchase similar equipment from trusted manufacturers. Well, if the hair dryer has a rubberized handle and a long cord (from two meters).
  • Engine In high-quality hair dryers, as a rule, it has a reliable winding that does not melt when exposed to high temperatures. When buying it is not necessary to disassemble the device into parts. It is enough just to take it in hand and evaluate the weight: the sturdy winding significantly increases the weight, respectively, the lightweight models are short-lived and can quickly burn out.
  • Metal heater used in low-cost household and compact models. The main disadvantage is uneven heating, as a result of which the hair will also be blown irregularly, which can adversely affect their health. In addition, hair dryers with a metal heating element dry hair for quite some time.
  • Ceramic Heaters professional models are most often equipped, but today commercially available hair dryers with this type of heating element can be found on the market. Ceramic heater will provide uniform heating, long working time without overheating and also save electricity.


  • Every hairdryer has filterpreventing dust and hair from getting inside. In budget models, this filter cannot be replaced, which is why the device breaks down much faster. Expensive hair dryers are equipped with a removable filter that allows you to keep the device clean. This will increase the life of the hair dryer and make it safe to use.
  • Humidity sensor is also a very convenient feature. The hair dryer independently determines the initial moisture content of the curls and selects the optimal power and mode of drying.
  • Friction nozzles eliminate vibration during device operation. This greatly facilitates its operation, because a working hairdryer will not slip out of the hands and will not fall off the table.

Additional nozzles

  • Hub - crevice nozzle, there is almost every model. It is considered universal and allows you to direct a stream of air to specific strands. It is suitable for drying, styling with a comb and adding volume. It should be borne in mind that different hair dryers have different diameter of the hub. A narrow nozzle concentrates the air flow at a single point, which can cause a burning sensation of the scalp, a wider one - dissipates it, due to which laying is done sparingly.
  • Diffuser - nozzle for dissecting the air flow, giving volume and creating complex styling. Hair dryers can be equipped with several types of diffusers: classic and active. Classic have static "fingers" and special holes through which air is supplied. Short "fingers" are suitable for gentle drying, long - to create volume. The active diffuser is distinguished by the fact that, during operation, the “fingers” vibrate, creating a light massage effect and whipping hair, giving it pomp.
  • Stylers- brush attachments, tongs, combs. These nozzles, as a rule, are equipped with small-capacity hair dryers, designed exclusively for hair styling. With their help, you can straighten, curl, comb hair or give them the necessary volume.

Most Popular Hair Dryer Manufacturers

  • Professional hair dryers are manufactured by such companies as: Babyliss, Ga.Ma, Moser, AEG, Parlux.
  • Qualitative household and semi-professional models can be found at manufacturers Braun, Bosch, Valera, Rowenta, Philips, Panasonic.
  • Most low cost hair dryers produced by firms Remington, Scarlett, Binatone, Vitek etc. although they are distinguished by a rich functionality and a variety of design, they are several times inferior in terms of the build quality and the materials used to the hair dryers of the brands listed above.

Common customer mistakes

  1. When buying, you should definitely try out the operation of the hair dryer in all modes. In some models, the red-hot spiral cools down too long and you have to lose precious minutes to switch to the cold blowing mode.
  2. Professional hairdryer is not designed for personal use. Due to the large weight and size, it is rather difficult to hold it over your head and at the same time switch modes. The ergonomics of such hair dryers are designed to be handled by a hairdresser. Household hair dryers have a simplified design that allows you to easily manipulate the device. The shape of the knobs and buttons are made in such a way that it would be convenient to use even by a non-professional.
  3. Additional nozzles, of course, a useful thing, but only if you know how to use them. It is better to buy a high-quality hair dryer from a trusted manufacturing company than a Chinese unit with a dozen unnecessary attachments that will later gather dust in the closet.
  4. Properly selected hair dryer - a pledge of healthy and shiny hair. You should not save on quality, but overpay for unnecessary functionality is also not an option. It is easy to choose the optimal model, the main thing is to carefully study our advice, and only after that go shopping.

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