6 best electric grills according to customer reviews

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Compact and convenient models that allow you to significantly expand your menu due to delicious and healthy dishes. With its help, you can easily cook meat and fish, sandwiches and toasts, poultry and vegetables, as well as many other equally tasty and fragrant dishes. In order to cook aromatic food "with a smoke", it is not necessary to go to nature and lay out the barbecue. All you need to do is buy an electric grill!

The best manufacturers of electric grills for the home?

Currently, in the assortment of almost every manufacturer of household appliances, you can find at least a couple of models of electric grills that differ in their functional features. Some of these brands have now become truly "popular", and therefore their products can be safely recommended for purchase.


A well-known French brand, founded in 1956 and originally producing pans and other kitchen utensils. By the beginning of the 2000s, the company had mastered the production of sophisticated household appliances. Currently, Tefal products are manufactured in factories in France, Switzerland and China and are represented in more than 120 countries around the world.


A German manufacturer with a century of history, producing sophisticated household appliances for the home. It was founded in 1919 by Dietrich Muller, an entrepreneur from the German town of Bamberg. Throughout history, she has never changed her owner - at the moment, as at the beginning of her journey, the Mueller family manages the company. Production facilities are located in Europe as well as in China.


Inexpensive, extremely reliable and functional home appliances hail from Scandinavia. It has been produced since the beginning of the two thousandth and is distinguished by its excellent price-quality ratio, due to which it has managed to “move” many well-known manufacturers in this field. The production is located in the largest European plants.


The Russian brand that has been producing household and kitchen appliances since 1994. Production facilities are located in Fryazino near Moscow, as well as in the Kaliningrad region. In addition to appliances manufactured under its own brand, Rolsen carries out large-angle assembly of household appliances from well-known European and Japanese manufacturers.

Rating of the best electric grills

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best electric grills with removable surfaces 1Tefal GC702D01 13 990 ₽
2Tefal GC306012 6 890 ₽
3Steba PG 4.4 10831 ₽
Best electric grills with stationary frying surfaces 1Maxwell MW-1960 ST 3 449 ₽
2Smile KG 944 3 390 ₽
3Rolsen RG-1410 -

The best electric grills with removable surfaces

Convenient, easy to use and extremely unpretentious in care models that will surely appeal to demanding housewives. Cooking with them is a pleasure! We present you the rating of the best electric grills.

Tefal GC702D01

Rating: 4.8

The first place in the ranking goes to Tefal GC702D01. A powerful and incredibly functional device that allows you to cook at home a huge number of dishes that are traditionally prepared in nature, "on barbecue". The removable panels are equipped with a non-stick coating, and therefore not only do not allow the cooking of cooked dishes, but also wash easily and conveniently. For those who prefer to cook food in automatic mode, there are six automatic programs, as well as the ability to prepare dishes from frozen foods and the function of heating the finished dish. Just select the mode you need and press start! Estimated cost of this model is 15-16 thousand rubles.


  • Powerful, but very compact device;
  • Convenient, intuitive controls;
  • Automatic cooking mode and the function of cooking from frozen foods;
  • Removable non-stick surfaces that do not require special care;


  • The lack of flat panels in the kit;
  • Cases of premature failure of the heating indicator and automatic mode are noted;
  • The need for a neat and careful attitude during washing and cleaning;

Tefal GC306012

Rating: 4.6

The second line of our rating of electric grills went to Tefal GC306012. Choosing appliances for the kitchen, so many buyers do not want to "bother" with a lot of settings, modes and functions. It is for such people that the Tefal GC306012 was created - a compact and highly functional electric grill, whose surface is 660 cm2. This is enough for the full preparation of three servings of delicious food. Two removable surfaces with non-stick coating are equipped with heating elements on top and bottom, which guarantees uniform and high-quality frying. Power levels are three, so the device can be configured to cook almost any dish. The grill control is intuitive and simple: it is carried out using mechanical buttons and does not require special knowledge and skills. Included is a drip tray. The average market value of the device ranges from 10-12 thousand rubles.


  • Compact size and light weight;
  • Simple, intuitive controls;
  • Three main provisions of the device (grill, barbecue, oven), as well as three main programs (vegetables, steaks, hot sandwiches);
  • Removable frying surfaces with non-stick coating;
  • Fat tray included;


  • The lack of a recipe book in the package;
  • Relatively high washing complexity;
  • Inconvenient clamps of removable upper frying surfaces;

Steba PG 4.4

Rating: 4.6

The bronze of our rating is received by Steba PG 4.4. Not everyone can boast a large and roomy kitchen that can accommodate all the necessary household appliances without causing discomfort. In such a situation, Steba PG 4.4 will certainly be a great solution: with a sufficiently high functionality, this model is characterized by minimal dimensions and weight. Steba PG 4.4 has a simple and convenient design - the upper and lower flaps fold like a laptop and are locked with a lock in the handle area. In order to turn the grill into a complete frying surface, the manufacturer provided the function of cooking exclusively on the bottom surface, without the need for folding the device. The grill grates are equipped with a non-stick coating, and on the back of them there is a waffle baking dish - a real discovery for the "sweet tooth"! The device is controlled by mechanical keys, and therefore will not cause any difficulties even for a novice cook. Estimated cost of this model is 12-12.5 thousand rubles.


  • Compact size and light weight;
  • Convenient lock fixing both surfaces;
  • Removable grids with non-stick coating;
  • Waffle baking dish on the back of the grids; Ability to use the bottom surface in the mode of the frying panel;
  • Thoughtful and convenient ergonomics of controls;


  • Mismatch of the actual and declared time of preparation of a dish;
  • Soft and insufficiently reliable plastic;
  • Uneven heat distribution on frying surfaces;
  • The absence of the on and off button on the panel.

Best electric grills with stationary frying surfaces

Despite the fact that electric grills with fixed surfaces are much more difficult in terms of washing, cleaning and care, they are no less popular. The main reason for this demand is the affordable price!

Maxwell MW-1960 ST

Rating: 4.5

If you can't live a single day without a tasty and juicy steak, Maxwell MW-1960 ST is the electric grill created for you! This compact, but quite powerful (2000 W) assistant quickly heats up and after 4-5 minutes it reaches the working cooking temperature, significantly reducing cooking time. The case is made of a combination of metal and soft plastic, which ensures sufficient strength and aesthetic appearance. The grill is controlled by mechanical keys, which makes it simple and easy to learn. Frying surfaces are equipped with a non-stick coating, which avoids burning food. Comes with a tray for fat. Estimated cost of the device is 4-4.5 thousand rubles.


  • Simple and reliable design;
  • Non-stick coating of frying surfaces;
  • High power;
  • Simple and convenient mechanical control;
  • Fat tray included;
  • Power cord compartment included


  • Short power cord

  • No countdown timer;

  • High heating of the upper part of the body;

Smile KG 944

Rating: 4.4

An electric grill, the simple and convenient design of which will surely appeal to all those customers who, for various reasons, refuse multifunctional models of a futuristic design. The combination of simplicity and functionality is the main advantage of this device. The case is made of combined materials - the metal frame here successfully combines with plastic inserts. The power of the device is 2100 watts, so cooking does not take much time. Both surfaces are equipped with a non-stick coating, very simple and unpretentious to care for. In addition to the classic electric grill, the manufacturer has provided the possibility of using the lower grill as a frying surface, without the need for assembly of the device. Estimated price is 4.5-5 thousand rubles.


  • Classic design;
  • Traditional mechanical control, easy to learn and operate;
  • Non-stick coating of the surface of the panels;
  • Housing made of combined materials;
  • High power;
  • The ability to use the bottom panel as a frying surface;


  • Short power cord

  • Not sufficiently reliable non-stick Teflon coating;

  • Long heating of the device;

Rolsen RG-1410

Rating: 4.4

Choosing household appliances for the home, a lot of buyers focus solely on good appearance. It is understandable: the functional features that similar models possess are approximately identical, and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the design. Rolsen RG-1410 is one of such models: the control panel of this model is moved to the bottom of the device, while the handle is on top. A stainless steel electric grill is made in combination with plastic inserts that provide external aesthetics and make the appearance complete. The device has a fairly high power - 1400 W, as well as an insulated housing, eliminating the possibility of thermal injuries. Management is a traditional mechanical one that does not require special knowledge and skills. The internal surfaces are equipped with a non-stick coating - very practical and unpretentious in maintenance. Included is a removable tray for fat.



How to choose an electric grill

  1. For those buyers who are looking for the most functional and advanced device, the best choice is the Tefal GC702D01. A large number of functions, replaceable frying panels, the presence of automatic cooking programs and intuitive controls make this device the best in its price category!
  2. Those buyers who prefer to use the electric grill not only for their intended purpose, but also as a traditional hob, should pay attention to Steba PG 4.4. And he "knows how" to bake waffles, which will surely appeal to sweet tooth!
  3. Customers who know how to count every ruble of invested costs and want to get the most balanced device will probably pay attention to Smile KG 944. This is a strong “middle peasant” with decent functionality and very unpretentious care, the price of which is very affordable.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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