20 best brands of winter jackets

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Each of us treats the choice of winter outerwear very carefully. Firstly, this is the most expensive wardrobe item. And secondly, it should be warm, practical and, of course, have a design that matches our taste. Winter jackets, although not comparable in price to fur coats or sheepskin coats, still require special selection criteria.

How to choose a winter jacket

Every buyer wants the price to be comparable with the quality. Our experts will help you purchase the best option, the main thing is to decide on the following parameters.

  1. Type of jacket. For winter, several types are produced. These are fur and leather models, down jackets, jackets with synthetic insulation. The former look stylish, they are suitable for wearing in an urban environment, and are appropriate at parties, and when visiting a theater or a movie. Textile jackets are lighter in weight and versatile. In them you can go to work, and to train, and travel to nature.
  2. Upper material. The most durable fabrics are nylon and polyester. They are not blown, repel moisture, are wear resistant, do not fade in the sun and do not fade after washing. For allergy sufferers, natural fabrics, such as cotton, are better suited, but it gets wet, dries for a long time after washing. Microfiber is an expensive material, but it retains heat well and allows air to pass through. Fabrics with special water-repellent impregnation will not allow the jacket to get wet even in heavy rain or snow.
  3. Length. Shortened jackets are suitable for sports or for daily wear in warm, mild winters. Direct models are universal. They can be worn with jeans, and with trousers, and with skirts.
  4. The quality of tailoring and accessories. As with any other clothing, we look at the seams. They should be straight, without sticking out threads. Reliable fittings are the key to long-term wear. Zippers should not jam, rivets must be properly installed. A big plus is a bag with spare accessories.
  5. Lining. The quality of its material also determines whether you will be warm in winter. All information is indicated on the label, or you can find out everything from the sales assistant at any time. The fabric should be pleasant to the touch, well sewn.

Further in the ranking, we will present 20 brands that were able to prove that their jackets for winter are the best deal in the modern outerwear market.

Rating of the best brands of winter jackets

Nomination a place Name of product Rating
The best women's brands of winter jackets 1Parajumpers 4.9
2Baldinini 4.8
3Woolrich 4.8
4Duno 4.7
5Michael kors 4.6
6Blauer 4.5
7Calvin klein jeans 4.5
The best men's brands of winter jackets 1Cortigiani 4. 9
2Versace jeans 4.8
3Hugo boss 4.8
4Lacoste 4.7
5The north face 4.6
6Hetrego 4.5
7Tommy hilfiger 4.5
8Geox 4.5
Top winter jacket sports brands 1Columbia 4.9
2Canada goose 4.8
3Marmot 4.8
4Under armor 4.7

The best women's brands of winter jackets

Everyone knows the special, reverent attitude of women to the choice of clothes. The brands that everyone is hearing have already proven their worth. But there are brands that have just appeared and presented their jackets to Russian consumers. And here doubts about the correctness of the purchase begin. We represent manufacturers who will satisfy the needs of all women without exception, and the brand name will be remembered forever.


Rating: 4.9

The Italian brand translates literally as "paratroopers." It is the rescuers who helped people in difficult critical situations in dangerous expeditions and the brand owes its name. Brand philosophy: "Clothing should not bring discomfort and complicate a person’s life." And although domestic fashionistas learned about her quite recently, they were already able to appreciate the practicality and interesting designs of women's jackets and down jackets.

By production, high-tech materials are used, thanks to which a woman feels comfortable in all weather conditions. An interesting feature is the names of the models. These are famous places on the planet where the most high-profile and successful rescue operations took place.

Especially popular are elongated women's jackets with natural fur. All models have cuffs on the sleeves, deep hoods, special laces for tightening at the waist, that is, all the necessary details for comfortable wear in the winter. Fashionistas will like the special forms of pockets made for cell phones and GPS devices.


Rating: 4.8

The Italian company was founded in 1910 and at first was a small family business. Today it is not just a large corporation, which is known to almost every fashionista in the world. The brand does not cease to amaze its fans with interesting design finds and delight with fresh ideas in each new collection.

Women's jackets are made of premium materials. And although the brand prefers a classic style, each model has its own unique detail. This can be a sewn-in scarf, three-dimensional shape, shortened sleeves with elongated inner cuffs, horizontally sewn zipper. Often hoods and collars get off with valuable natural fur.

Most of the women's collections are carried out in restrained colors. It is black, gray, navy blue, dark green. But for the joy of fashionistas who prefer to stand out, the brand produces bright red, burgundy, metallized models with a leather upper or high-tech material.


Rating: 4.8

We include the oldest American brand in the rating, which was created in 1830 and produced wool and products from it. In the 40s of the last century, he began to make equipment for Antarctic expeditions. The most famous model is Arctic Parka, which is recognized as the standard of outerwear and is lightweight, durable and has a high level of comfort.

Today in the collections you can find women's jackets for extreme conditions, as well as for mild winters. Brand does not pursue fashion. Basic models are sewn of the same form, which has not changed for decades. Jackets are of high quality cut, reliable fittings, practicality.

Color solutions are varied. In the collections you can find both restrained tones and brighter shades. Cut straight or trapezoidal. Long winter jackets made of durable textiles with a removable hood, a detachable edge, patch pockets, and a belt with a buckle are especially fond of.


Rating: 4.7

A brand from Italy was recently introduced to Russian customers, but at first glance they appreciated the elegant cut of clothes, the use of high-tech materials and the latest fashion trends. And although the company produces men's and women's jackets, it was the models for the beautiful half that became a bestseller.

The abbreviation of the brand stands for "new generation dude." All collections are minimalist and concise. Designers come up with not just stylish clothes for young modern people, they are practical and comfortable. In jackets it is always convenient: whether it is the urban rhythm of life or a family outdoor recreation.

Women who have already become happy owners of clothes of this brand, noted that it is quite non-marking, retains its original appearance for several seasons. All highlighted the excellent quality of tailoring and materials that are optimally combined with the pricing policy of the company.

Michael kors

Rating: 4.6

The brand was created by a young designer who in 1981 released his first collection, which was immediately interested in buyers. Initially, Michael Kors focused on a mass audience, combining high quality and affordable prices. He combined American and European styles in his creations, which as a result led to the creation of practical and sophisticated clothes.

All women's jackets are versatile. They can go to work or study, play sports or relax in nature. Another plus is that the models are suitable for all age categories: they are enjoyed by young people, the average audience and ladies of old age.

The winter collections include a variety of women's jackets: shortened and elongated, straight and voluminous, made of nylon or polyester, with a zipper or buttons. The edge on the collar is made from both natural and faux fur. All admirers of the brand are unanimous in their opinion: Michael Kors produces the most comfortable clothes that are comfortable on the catwalk, on the red carpet, and in everyday life.


Rating: 4.5

We include the American brand in the rating, which has become a prime example of an international union. Enzo Fusco, a designer from Italy, served as the inspiration, but it was in the USA that the fantasies of fashion designers from two such different continents were embodied. The main difference between clothes is the use of innovative materials and the most modern production technologies, control over all processes, from the choice of raw materials to the receipt on store shelves.

It is not for nothing that Blauer is the main supplier of uniforms for the American police and military. The jackets are comfortable in any weather: whether it is low sub-zero temperatures or a thaw. In addition, special attention is paid to design. The main direction is a classic. When sewing, use nylon, fleece, polyester, fur.

It is worth noting that each line is produced for specific climatic conditions, so the buyer can easily choose a jacket for the warm winter of the southern regions or the harsh conditions of the Far North.

Calvin klein jeans

Rating: 4.5

The brand, first of all, became known thanks to designer jeans, which immediately won the love of fashionistas all over the world. His philosophy is to combine a unique cut with the highest quality of tailoring and get an exclusive thing that is practical and comfortable. The company became famous for its unisex collections, which look equally good on girls and young people.

Outerwear for the winter is represented by a variety of styles and colors. These are puffy voluminous or fitted shortened models, quilted parkas or elongated women's jackets with a straight cut. Colors from restrained to bright will allow each buyer to choose the desired option.

The top material is nylon, water-repellent polyester, cotton. The edge is made of artificial or natural fur. A lot of details, such as cuffs, drawstring, valves from the wind, will protect as much as possible in the most severe weather, and allow the girl to enjoy winter charms, not paying attention to frost or blizzard.

The best men's brands of winter jackets

Male models for the winter should not only be practical and comfortable to wear, but also talk about the status of its owner and his taste. Many people prefer classic styles that are suitable for work or study. Some choose universal models for all occasions. In the ranking, we represent brands whose clothes received the most positive reviews and earned the trust of a male audience.


Rating: 4.9

A brand from Italy, created more than 30 years ago, does not chase the latest fashion trends, but develops clothes in a modern style that appeals to men of different age categories. The main colors of the collections are black and white. Combining them with each other, conservative models are obtained, but with their own zest, which makes clothes exclusive.

Quilted men's jackets of a classic cut with a zipper and a windproof strap on buttons are popular. Models vary in length. These can be shortened or elongated jackets, straight or with knitted elastic. The natural beaver fur is used as decoration. The top material is waterproof nylon or water-repellent textiles.

Cortigiani is a prime example of classic elegance and practicality. A man will feel comfortable in severe frosts and during the thaw. Men's jackets go well with boots and sneakers.

Versace jeans

Rating: 4.8

The brand is known to all the fashionistas of the world and does not need a special presentation. Over the years of existence, its products have been appreciated by everyone who prefers sophistication and individuality, a great fit and interesting design solutions. In the production of raw materials used luxury. Details and decoration are made of exotic materials, so each jacket is considered a real work of art.

The main difference between the models is the cut, thanks to which they sit exactly on the figure. For winter, quilted men's jackets of a direct silhouette and bomber jackets are presented. For lovers of restrained classics in the collections you can find models of dark colors. Those who prefer rich shades will enjoy the vibrant details that Versace Jeans designers offer.

Winter men's jackets are made of nylon or polyester, which repel water and dirt, making clothes non-marking and practical. To better maintain heat, double linings are used, one of which is removable.

Hugo boss

Rating: 4.8

Our rating would be incomplete without the oldest German brand. His clothes are preferred by adherents of classics, but which organically combines with modern fashion trends. By production, advanced technologies and premium materials are used. Accessories are reliable and durable.

The brand offers collections in a business style. Men's jackets are great for urban environments. They look appropriate with costumes and jeans. The primary colors are black and gray, but blue, beige or a combination of shades are also found. Designers to create winter clothing choose durable nylon or cotton with water-repellent impregnation. All kinds of details will protect from frost and wind. Jackets retain heat well, while being functional and practical.

Traditional fasteners are zippers or buttons. In more classic models, buttons are used. If you like a perfect cut and tailoring, comfortable wear, an excellent fit, then be sure to pay attention to the Hugo Boss men's winter jackets.


Rating: 4.7

Many have long looked for clothes with a green crocodile as a logo. Not everyone knows that the brand owes its creation to the legendary tennis player Rene Lacoste. For his assertiveness and courage, he earned the nickname "alligator", which is why all models are decorated with such a logo.

Today, the French brand has its fans all over the world and does not cease to delight with fashionable, practical designer things that become bestsellers. Men's jackets are made in casual style. You feel comfortable in them in the urban rhythm of life. They go well with trousers, jeans, and sportswear.

Preference for the release of winter models is given to black and dark blue colors. Many are decorated with bright details: inserts, zippers and other elements of bright colors. The material is water- and dirt-repellent polyester. Jackets are available with and without a hood. Many drew attention to models with detachable sleeves that make them universal to wear.

The north face

Rating: 4.6

For some, the American brand included in the rating is still unknown, and someone was already able to assess the quality of his clothes. Initially, the company specialized in the production of ammunition for climbers.Many athletes, having tried jackets in extreme climatic conditions, wanted to wear them in ordinary life, as the quality of materials and tailoring were at their best.

The company constantly introduced new production technologies and developed fabrics that could protect as much as possible from the strongest gusts of wind and low temperatures. It was she who created the waterproof fabric, which passed air well, preventing the formation of a vapor effect, as well as synthetic materials that dried very quickly.

Men's jackets are made of nylon or polyester. Many buyers prefer models with an elongated silhouette, a removable hood, sleeves with cuffs on buttons. They are universal: suitable for work, sports or family vacations in the countryside.


Rating: 4.5

The Italian brand was created in 1916. Its name can be deciphered as "I am confidently moving forward." The logo is three cypress branches, which mean the complete harmony of nature and man. All outerwear looks elegant and at the same time practical and comfortable. It is suitable for harsh winters or milder weather in central Russia.

There are not many bright, flashy shades in the collections. It is mainly black, gray, navy, beige, green. The lines include elongated models, business classic jackets, voluminous down jackets and parkas. All of them are distinguished by excellent cut and tailoring, strong fittings.

During production, designers and technologists take into account the characteristics of different climatic zones, so in each collection you can find a men's jacket according to your desire. This can be lightweight models made of waterproof fabric or clothing that protects as much as possible from strong gusts of wind and frost. Many fans of the brand noted that jackets fit well on any figure, often hiding flaws and emphasizing advantages.

Tommy hilfiger

Rating: 4.5

In 1985, the world first heard about a company that we included in our rating. Fans have long appreciated the taste of the designer and his team. Every detail is thought out in clothes. It combines elegance and practicality, a perfect cut, high-quality materials and accessories of a premium class. The models do not have bright accents and weighting decor.

For production, innovative fabrics are used that not only do not let moisture in, but also allow air to circulate, which creates the right microclimate for the body. “Clothing for successful people,” as the couturier calls his creations, is suitable for business men living in a large metropolis.

In the latest collections you can find not only jackets of restrained colors, but also yellow and white parks, red and blue bombers. All of them are necessarily decorated with a company logo, known to fashionists all over the world. Tommy Hilfiger's style has been appreciated by different generations of customers. This is a youth audience, and people of middle and older age.


Rating: 4.5

For a quarter of a century, the Italian brand has been pleased with the release of clothing and footwear created using unique technologies using the most innovative materials. Its name is formed from the word "earth" and the letter X, which symbolizes the scientific achievements of the developers of the brand. All models are tested in laboratories and in real conditions. That is why Geox men's jackets are comfortable in harsh climates and in mild snowy winters.

When sewing, they use a fabric that does not get wet, repels dirt, has a high level of thermoregulation and air permeability. A special membrane provides maximum protection against wind, cold and moisture. In jackets it will always be convenient: both with daily wear in an urban environment, and during outdoor activities or sports.

All models are lightweight, have a long service life and retain their qualities for a long time. They are non-marking and do not require special care.

Top winter jacket sports brands

Sports models are considered the most common, as they can not only be actively relaxed, but also used for everyday wear. Such jackets are characterized by increased comfort, they are warm even in the most severe frosts, and thermostatic materials prevent sweating and maintain the correct microclimate inside the clothes.


Rating: 4.9

The first in the rating was a popular brand, which was preferred by many Russian buyers. Created 80 years ago, she designs clothes for outdoor activities, sports, and daily wear in the city. The brand presents models for various weather conditions. They are comfortable at very low temperatures or in mild, cold winters.

All materials used in the production are created using innovative technologies. They are distinguished by water repellent and breathable properties. The membrane layer allows you to retain heat in a calm state and during intense physical activities.

In the line of the brand you can find clothes for any age category. Both classic and elongated and cropped jackets are presented with a removable or sewn-in hood trimmed with faux or natural fur.

Canada goose

Rating: 4.8

The oldest brand originally produced clothes from wool, and then began to sew jackets for foresters and police officers. Today the company presents collections for everyday wear in the city, sports and outdoor activities. Clothing is characterized by high heat-saving properties, it is lightweight and very compact after folding.

The high-tech material from which all models are sewn is characterized by high wear resistance, very durable, and is resistant to deformation and tearing. It is coated with a special impregnation that repels water and dirt. The coyote fur, used as a finish, does not get damp, protects from strong winds.

Many jackets are equipped with special straps. This allows you to carry it indoors not in your hands, but on your shoulders, like a backpack. A lot of pockets will help to keep a mobile phone and various trifles with you, which is especially true during sports. Many outdoor enthusiasts have chosen this brand for the optimal combination of performance and appearance of jackets.


Rating: 4.8

We included a brand in the rating, the jackets of which are distinguished not only by high heat-saving qualities, but also by a stylish design, which makes them perfect not only for outdoor activities, but also for daily wear in an urban environment. The company's specialists develop high-tech fabrics that protect in the most extreme situations.

A feature of the models is that they do not constrain movement at all. They repel dirt, do not require complicated maintenance. Warm pockets, a hood, inside cuffs, a wind-shelter level, a double lining create comfortable conditions even in severe frost and wind.

Jackets do not take up much space in a backpack. Many pockets with Velcro will allow you to quickly get a phone or any accessories that are stored in them. The opinions of professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts coincide: Marmot is one of the best brands that knows everything that is needed for comfortable socks in any climatic conditions.

Under armor

Rating: 4.7

The American company is the world's largest manufacturer of professional equipment for athletes. She became popular thanks to the fact that its founder - football player Kevin Plank - himself knew what clothes were comfortable during intense training and after them.

Today, the brand owns several patented developments that have become revolutionary in the creation of sportswear. The invention of specialists Under Armor is an anti-bacterial fabric that neutralizes the smell of sweat, removes moisture and has absolutely smooth seams.

For all types of training and for any weather, you can choose a model from the presented collections. A special coating will protect from snow, rain, wind, create an optimal climate for the body and the best conditions for high-quality and effective physical exertion. A modern design and many bright details will cheer up and stimulate the athlete to new records.


Rating: 4.6

The rating is closed by the FINN FLARE brand, which has long been loved by Russian customers. Models differ in functionality, practicality and combine sports and urban style. They will be comfortable always and everywhere: in harsh climates or mild, cold weather, during intense training and daily wearing at work or school.

All materials used in the production are of high quality. The fittings are strong and reliable. The fabric is impregnated with a special compound that repels water and dirt, and even during wet snow the jacket will not get wet and will retain high heat-saving qualities.

The brand pleases with a variety of models. This is a straight silhouette, voluminous down jackets, shortened sports models. Color schemes are also diverse. For lovers of non-marking tones, black, brown, navy blue jackets are presented, for those who like brighter clothes, these are red, yellow, lemon, turquoise and many other shades.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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