11 top online universities and schools

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The Internet was created not only for cats and porn. The World Wide Web was conceived as a tool for sharing knowledge so that people from the most remote places on the globe could gain access to leading scientific and educational materials. And online universities embody this idea like nothing else.

For people who are hungry for new knowledge and are not able to stop in their development, we have compiled a rating of the 11 best online universities and schools with the latest and most relevant knowledge.

Rating of the best online universities and schools

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best online universities and schools 1Coursera 5.0
2Skillbox 4.9
3Khanacademy.org 4.8
4Synergyonline 4.8
5Open university 4.8
7Carnegie mellon university 4.7
8Edx 4.6
9Universarium 4.5
10Lecture hall 4.5
11Intuit.ru 4.4


Rating: 5.0

Why he: The largest online platform with courses from leading universities in the world.

Coursera is the largest platform on the Internet where courses in various fields of knowledge are presented. The leading world universities cooperate with her - Stanford University, Johns Hopkins University, Yale University, University of Manchester ... A total of 180 educational institutions from 27 countries. In addition, Google and Intel are collaborating with her. The Russian segment is represented by both large universities (for example, MGIMO and MEPhI), as well as Sberbank and Yandex.

On the platform, about 3200 courses are offered, upon completion of which the student receives a quoted diploma. The corresponding work or project is also required to be completed. Directions - natural sciences, information technology, humanitarian, technical.

Programs can be run for free - but then part of the material will be unavailable - and for a fee. Grants and subsidies are provided.


  • Quoted diplomas;
  • Free courses
  • A huge number of training programs.


  • Few courses in Russian;
  • There are few free diploma courses for students;
  • Courses are held online, so most of them need to be booked in advance.


Rating: 4.9

Why he: The largest in RuNet platform for online training in informational specialties.

Skillbox specializes in the most relevant and widely applicable fields of knowledge. Students of this platform can study such areas as design (including web and UX), marketing of physical and digital products, programming (applied and web), and project management. Thanks to cooperation with major employers, many students immediately after completing the course receive an offer of internships or full-time employment.

The platform hosts about 600 webinars per year. The courses presented, depending on complexity, take from 2 months to a year. The lecturers are leading experts of Russian companies working in the field of digital, so that the knowledge acquired by students is as relevant as possible.

The vast majority of programs on this platform are paid. But for general development, you can study some webinars and read articles for free.


  • The most recent and relevant knowledge;
  • High chance of internship or job placement upon completion of the course;
  • Teachers are specialists in their field.


  • Almost all courses are paid and relatively expensive;
  • Some courses take a lot of time (up to a year);
  • Small database of free materials.


Rating: 4.8

Why is it: All programs on this platform are free.

Khan Academy is a platform of free online courses in various fields of human knowledge. Here are represented areas such as mathematics, science, engineering, computer computing, history, economics, art and many others. True, unlike previous online universities in the ranking, the courses published here are aimed more at obtaining general than special education.

On the other hand, such major educational and scientific institutions as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NASA, the Museum of Modern Art, the California Academy of Sciences and many others collaborate with the Khan Academy. This guarantees the credibility and reliability of the knowledge presented here.

About 50 online courses are presented on the platform, which are divided into separate areas of knowledge. The training takes place without teachers, but with various tests and exams.


  • All programs are free;
  • Courses are developed by leading experts in their field;
  • Education without teachers, you can start and finish at any time.


  • Basically, the courses are aimed at secondary rather than special education;
  • No lessons in Russian;
  • Rare course updates.


Rating: 4.8

Why is he: Russian online university issuing state diplomas.

Synergy University has no departments or buildings. It focuses only on distance education, but issues state diplomas. Synergy differs from universities with correspondence education in that students are not required to go to semesters at the university — all exams and examinations are also taken online.

At the same time, Synergy offers training in relevant and relevant areas, such as Internet marketing, entrepreneurship, human resources management, banking, civil and criminal law, pedagogy and much, much more. There are no highly specialized technical or natural science courses at the university. In total, about 70 directions are presented on the platform.

There is no budget or free education on the platform. Education takes up to 5 years, during this time students study various specialties, pass exams and defend their diploma.


  • Full higher education on the job;
  • State diplomas;
  • Actual and popular specialties.


  • There are no highly specialized technical or natural sciences;
  • No free or budget training;
  • Not always the correct organization of the educational process.

Open university

Rating: 4.8

Why he is: Online university of distance education with the highest quality of education.

Open University is a British university that specializes in distance education. It is distinguished by the highest quality of courses, which is evaluated both by third-party auditors and directly by students. In addition, it offers a large educational base.

In total, 180 directions are presented on the platform - both general educational and highly specialized. According to official information, about 86% of graduates find work in their specialty.

An interesting feature of the university is the faculty, called the "School of Business." His graduates receive an MBA. The School of Business of an open university itself has been accredited by many international regulatory organizations. According to third-party statistics, this faculty is more popular among students than other business schools in the UK.


  • Highest rated educational quality;
  • You can get an MBA diploma;
  • Lots of courses available.


  • Teaching is conducted exclusively in English;
  • No free courses;
  • Non-UK users will find it difficult to enroll.


Rating: 4.7

Why he: All courses are available in a partly free way. A large knowledge base on management.

UNIWEB online school specializes primarily in management training. Here are webinars and comprehensive courses on managing various areas of business and production. However, thanks to this school, one can improve personal effectiveness and become familiar with new technologies. There are also highly specialized IT courses, such as the use of supercomputer computing.

About 70 programs are presented at the site. Each of them is designed for a limited number of academic hours (usually about 20, but there are more) and includes both instructional videos and practical cases. Education is relatively inexpensive, and their first lectures are available free of charge for review.

Training is conducted not only by UNIWEB specialists, but also by invited teachers from the country's leading offline universities. Upon completion, an electronic certificate is issued.


  • A lot of free stuff;
  • Many courses for managers or future managers;
  • Training from teachers from leading universities in the country.


  • Few highly specialized courses;
  • Only electronic certificates of own sample are issued.

Carnegie mellon university

Rating: 4.7

Why he is: Many free online courses of a very high level of quality.

Carnegie Mellon University is one of the largest universities in the United States. Despite the fact that it is primarily focused on offline learning, distance learning courses are also available here. And, which is especially nice, they are almost all free!

Unless education is without a teacher. However, free distance learning courses were developed by leading specialists of the university, so the level of their quality is very high, one of the best in the ranking. The training is conducted at a speed convenient for the student. After completing the courses, the teacher can get certification.

The presented programs are both general education and highly specialized. In addition to the humanities, natural sciences and financial disciplines, the university has engineering and technical, as well as information. For example, in collaboration with Siemens, the mechatronics line has been developed. There are also language courses.

Training is conducted only in English.


  • Almost all classes are free;
  • Professional level of education;
  • Paid courses - for a symbolic price (for example, $ 10);
  • Training in highly specialized areas.


  • Training in English only.


Rating: 4.6

Why he is: Provider of online courses from leading universities in the world.

Unlike other online universities in the ranking, EdX does not offer its own educational programs. This is a provider of courses from leading world universities. Both paid and free destinations are presented here.

The main advantage of the platform is quick access to programs from the largest universities. So, among the partners - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, University of Berkeley, Sorbonne University, Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, Dartmouth College, Princeton University and many others. In total, about 2,000 courses in various fields are presented on the platform.

According to official information, thanks to EdX, more than 14 million students from all over the world are currently receiving professional higher education. In all, over the course of the platform’s existence, over 42 million people have completed training.


  • Professional level courses;
  • Collaboration with the largest universities in the world;
  • Many free programs.


  • Teaching is conducted in English only;
  • If you want to get a certificate, you will have to pay for the course.


Rating: 4.5

Why is it: Online courses from leading universities in Russia.

Like the previous platform, Universarium is a provider of online distance education courses from major universities. Only he specializes in the Russian segment of vocational training. Here are directions from universities such as HSE, Moscow State University, VGIK, BFU, REU and many others. The courses are taught by companies such as Google, Anti-Slavery, Key Solutions, Mail.ru and dozens of other large corporations.

The presented directions are more than diverse - from humanitarian to technical, from natural sciences to control theory, from self-improvement to professional skills. For example, there is training in drawing, robotics, nanotechnology and job search. Only about 200 destinations.

Training is conducted online with the participation of teachers. The vast majority of areas are free, but some universities and companies set a small fee for discipline.


  • There are really interesting training programs;
  • The vast majority of courses are free;
  • The training is conducted by experienced scientists and specialists.


  • No certificates
  • About half of the courses are poorly applied in everyday life and career growth;
  • Free classes - without teachers and job checks.

Lecture hall

Rating: 4.5

Why he: A large database of training lectures from leading teachers from major universities.

The Lectorium project, unlike other online universities in the ranking, specializes not so much in training courses as in free lectures. There are really a lot of them. At the time of writing, the lecture library has over 5,000 materials in a wide range of disciplines.

Lecturers are leading teachers and specialists in various fields of knowledge, so that the information they provide is reliable and relevant. The base of courses is not so impressive - at the time of writing, it has about 100 programs, which in most cases are presented for free.

Training programs can be conducted both online, with the constant presence of a teacher and assignments, and in year-round availability. In the latter case, the direction of the curator is not. There are both general education and highly specialized courses (such as "Modeling in AutoCAD").


  • A huge base of lectures;
  • The vast majority of programs are free;
  • There are useful and practical courses for specialists;
  • At the end of the training, a digital certificate is issued (also free).


  • A very small base of courses, and at the time of writing, only literally a few disciplines were available - the rest will be held in the future.


Rating: 4.4

Why is it: The main Russian distance education platform, collaborating with Intel and Microsoft.

"INTUIT" is one of the best sites for postgraduate distance education for IT specialists. This open university collaborates with large companies such as Intel and Microsoft. However, the presented "range" of courses is not limited to this.

The site offers training programs from a wide range of professional fields. There are also professional retraining and continuing education programs, and managers will be able to gain knowledge from the "mini-MBA" platform. Only the vast majority of these courses are not certified, but they provide the proper level of knowledge for career growth and development.

The vast majority of programs are available for free. You have to pay only for some programs from the "mini-MBA" platform and the like. Moreover, lectures from them are still presented in the public domain, and payment for tests and certification.


  • The only platform in the ranking that collaborates with Intel and Microsoft;
  • Many special courses of university and postgraduate education;
  • Most content is available for free.


  • Many outdated courses;
  • Inconvenient design and interface.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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