15 best treadmills

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

In modern life, the residents of the metropolis have a lack of movement: a vehicle will take you to the right address, and work in far from all professions involves physical activity. In this regard, there are numerous problems not only with the tone of the body, but also with health in general. Various simulators, in particular treadmills, help to solve the problem. Having this at home or practicing in the gym, you can overcome significant mileage in comfortable conditions in any weather.

The right choice: what to look for when choosing a treadmill

  1. The first thing to evaluate is simulator size, there’s one rule: the more the better, the more effective the training will be. It is important that the width and length of the running belt are sufficient for the step and movements of the athlete's body.
  2. The second rule follows from the first: if there is not enough space in the house and the ability to install a treadmill is completely difficult, choose a folding model, which, as unnecessary, can be transformed into a compact form and put away for storage.
  3. The third sign of a good simulator is powerful engine. The more watts in it, the better, the more voluminous its resource for any weight of users without going to the peak of the inherent capabilities. Also, experts noted less noise of more powerful models in comparison with economical less hardy ones.
  4. Fourth, what is important to pay attention to - change of a tilt angle of a platform with a cloth. This is necessary to complicate the training process, simulate running on rough or mountainous terrain, which contributes to an increase in the load on the calf muscles and stimulation of the vestibular apparatus.
  5. Fifth emphasis - training programs. Again, the more there are, the faster and more efficiently you can achieve the desired result - losing weight, strengthening muscles or stimulating the cardiovascular system. Here we also assign a speed resource, as a rule, from 1 to 16 or 22 km / h, with some rehabilitation devices a pace of 0.2 km / h is provided.
  6. Tracks can be mechanical (driving shafts with a rubber mating belt), magnetic (driving by means of leg movements and a magnetic switching and regulation system), electric (engine powered by an outlet), professional or home use.
  7. Cost should not be a priority when choosing a treadmill, but it is proportional to the characteristics of the device.

Treadmill or exercise bike

The treadmill and exercise bike are similar in effect: on both devices there is a comprehensive cardio training. However, they are fundamentally different in design and method of use. We offer a comparison of these types of simulators in terms of advantages and disadvantages:

Type of simulator


Exercise bike


+ training programs

+ adjustable design

+ effective in weight loss

+ general strengthening effect

+ suitable for rehabilitation of disabled people in the postoperative period

+ minimal trauma

+ training programs, different speed

+ you can train for varicose veins of the legs

+ adjustable load on the spine and joints

+ allowed when walking is not possible


- Possibility of injury

- with caution with varicose veins

- load on the joints and spine

- minimum load on the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle

- contraindicated in many cardiac pathologies

In comparison, the exercise bike and track are identical, it is impossible to say exactly which device is better. The choice should be made based on the desired result and the recommendations of the attending physician, able to assess the state of the body of a potential athlete.

Rating of the best treadmills

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best inexpensive treadmills 1 DFC T500 Roma 26 990 ₽
2 Carbon fitness yukon 21 490 ₽
3 DFC T2001B 12 990 ₽
Best Electric Treadmills 1 Clear Fit EnjoyTM 8.35 73 990 ₽
2 Carbon Fitness T806 HRC 64 490 ₽
3 Svensson Body Labs PhysioLine TBX 49 990 ₽
4 FAMILY TM 400M 33 990 ₽
5 Oxygen laguna ii 39 990 ₽
Top Magnetic Treadmills 1 Body Sculpture BT-2860CH 15 590 ₽
2 Brumer TF2001B 13 237 ₽
The best mechanical treadmills 1 DFC T2002 11 990 ₽
2 SPORT ELITE TM1556-01 8 430 ₽
Top Professional Treadmills 1 AMMITY Pro ATM 7500 300 990 ₽
2 Clear Fit Impetus ZEN 5800 269 990 ₽
3 Vision Fitness T60 269 890 ₽

Best inexpensive treadmills

In the category of inexpensive simulators, experts placed affordable simulators equipped with a set of basic functions: a small speed range, the simplest computer in a couple of programs, small dimensions. To achieve high results, such tracks are not suitable, their main purpose is to maintain optimal physical fitness and make up for the deficit of movement.

DFC T500 Roma

Rating: 4.8

This treadmill belongs to budget devices with an average cost of 26,000 rubles. For this money, the user gets a large console with a bright blue screen and convenient button controls, a folding design and an adjustable canvas tilt. In principle, all these functions are typical for higher-end simulators, which is why the DFC T500 Roma takes first place in the rating category.

The engine with a capacity of 1.5 horsepower is designed for home use, it requires an electrical connection. The simulator is compact, its dimensions in the working position are 148 x 70 x 122 cm. As unnecessary, it can be folded up and transported to the storage place using wheels. A feature of the model is speakers for listening to music, there is a heart rate monitor with sensors displayed on the handrails. You can engage in 12 programs at a speed of 1 to 14 km / h, however, you need to manually adjust the position of the canvas 40 cm wide.

The simulator does not have disadvantages affecting the quality of operation. Some users note only an insignificant creak of speakers.


  • 12 training programs;

  • Withstand the user up to 110 kg.

  • Loudspeakers;

  • There are shipping wheels;

  • Reliable stable design weighing 47 kg;

  • Speed ​​from 1 to 14 km / h;


  • Not defined.

Carbon fitness yukon

Rating: 4.7

The experts ranked the second place as the Carbon Fitness Yukon, which is less hardy than the leader - the weight limit is 90 kg. The position of the running belt 32 cm wide is not provided; you can only engage in one program provided by the computer with a manually adjustable speed of up to 10 km / h. The cost of the device is fully consistent with the functionality - from 21 500 rubles.

The Carbon Fitness Yukon treadmill is designed for small people with a height of no more than 155 cm, for taller movements they are limited by the size of the simulator and the efficiency of the process is significantly reduced. The design is folding, besides it is relatively light - 22 kg without packaging. Of the disadvantages - some noise at work and the need for timely maintenance.

Thus, the treadmill is recommended for maintaining good physical shape for low people, adolescents and senior citizens, but not for professional athletes and those who want to get the perfect relief body.


  • Compact size;

  • Light weight 22 kg.

  • There are shipping wheels and compensators for uneven floors;

  • Budget price;

  • Suitable for adolescents and short people of different ages;


  • Requires timely service;

  • Only 1 workout program;

  • The position of the blade is not regulated;

  • Not the quietest engine - noise at high speeds;

DFC T2001B

Rating: 4.6

In third place is the DFC T2001B exercise machine for home use with a magnetic drive. The cost of a treadmill is about 12,000 rubles - the most inexpensive solution for those who want to keep the body in good shape, while the mass of the user should not exceed 110 kg. 8 load levels and unlimited speed thanks to the magnetic drive allow you to train in different modes, but you have to pick them yourself - the computer does not have any pre-installed programs.

The width of the running belt is 32 cm, the angle of inclination cannot be changed, but the most inconvenient is that there is no cushioning system, so the course is somewhat tough. The monochrome display displays all the information about the workout from the distance traveled to the calories burned, the sensor on the handrail is responsible for reading the pulse, you can also buy a chest belt for measuring heartbeat.

The simulator design is folding, there are transport wheels, but there are no problems with carrying it anyway - the weight of the track is only 31 kg. Of the additional utilities: a bottle holder and a 12-month warranty.


  • The most budget price;

  • Unlimited speed;

  • Magnetic drive;

  • 8 load levels;


  • There are no training programs;

  • Narrow path;

  • The angle of the blade does not change;

Best Electric Treadmills

Electric treadmills are simple in design: the engine runs on a 220V network, the computer contains ready-made programs. The functionality of the simulator depends on the class, price and purpose (for home or commercial use).

Clear Fit EnjoyTM 8.35

Rating: 4.9

In the first place in the ranking category is the functional and hardy Clear Fit Enjoy TM 8.35 treadmill, designed for users weighing up to 180 kg. Powerful 3.5 liter engine. from. accelerates the canvas within 1 ... 22 km / h, and 25 programs provided by the computer allow you to train at any pace to achieve both athletic results and the usual maintenance of the body in good shape, to fill in traffic deficits within the gym or apartment.

A 52 cm wide running belt is convenient for an athlete of any build, it is absorbed and changes the angle of inclination. Stable design with a weight of 79 kg, folding, equipped with music speakers, transport wheels, expansion joints for static installation on the floor. Users did not reveal any flaws, as did experts. The cost of the device is about 72,000 rubles.


  • Many workout programs;

  • Big durability and reliable design;

  • Convenient and ergonomic design;

  • Change of a tilt angle of a cloth;


  • High cost can be attributed;

  • Some users notice the smell of plastic.

Carbon Fitness T806 HRC

Rating: 4.8

This simulator is designed for people with a body weight of not more than 150 kg. 3 liter engine from. sets the running speed to 18 km / h in 22 predefined programs. Web tilt angle changes automatically to 150Its width of 461 mm is sufficient for most users. Despite impressive performance, the Carbon Fitness T806 HRC is for home use only.

For the comfort of training, a shock-absorbing system is provided under the treadmill, but in fact, not all users evaluate its effectiveness - for many, spring-loading is almost not felt. The design is folded, transported using rollers - with a device weight of 69 kg they are necessary.

There are no constructive comments on the Carbon Fitness T806 HRC treadmill, different users are not pleased with subjective moments - the width of the track, design features, the inability to switch the program during operation. The cost of the simulator is about 64,000 rubles.


  • 22 programs;

  • Stable design, the ability to fold;

  • A heart rate monitor in the handle and an optional chest belt;

  • Electronic web position control:

  • Color informative display;


  • Not suitable for the gym;

  • Not quite organic design (according to some users).

Svensson Body Labs PhysioLine TBX

Rating: 4.8

The Svensson Body Labs PhysioLine TBX electric treadmill is the average performance model in the category of rating electrical devices: allowable weight 140 kg, canvas 46 cm with automatically adjustable angle, speed up to 16 km / h with 2.75 l engine. from. (Mitsubishi) and only 12 workout programs. There are speakers for connecting music, but the rest of the model is no different from the previously considered ones - a folding design, shipping rollers, a correctly working console, Body Fat. The device is intended for home use. Neither experts nor users have identified any flaws in the Svensson Body Labs PhysioLine TBX treadmill, but for the average functionality the simulator gets only third place in the ranking. You can buy a device for 50,000 rubles.


  • Reliable Mitsubishi engine;

  • Optimal price;

  • Foldable design with shipping wheels;

  • Optimum acceleration speed with adjustable position of the running belt;


  • Not defined.


Rating: 4.7

For thrifty people weighing up to 130 kg, who want to maintain good physical shape without leaving home, the FAMILY TM 400M treadmill will be the optimal solution: it costs only 35,000 rubles, is equipped with a shock-absorbed canvas of an average width of 40 cm, an engine with an electric drive of 2 liters. from. creates acceleration to 14 km / h. The tilt angle must be adjusted independently, and this is the main difference between the simulator and the previously considered models in the category. 13 ready-made training programs and a cardiological sensor work together and warn you about overloading for a safe workout.

For vigorous training, the speakers are built into the design, for reliable installation and comfortable transportation, there are compensators and wheels, respectively.

On the shortcomings: the design is thought out carefully, so there are no critical comments. Not all users will like the design of the device, but for the money with good functionality, the issue of aesthetics fades into the background.


  • Affordable price;

  • Large display;

  • 13 diverse training programs;

  • Average speed characteristics;


  • Manual tilt adjustment (subjective flaw);

  • Self-tuning of the program is not possible.

Oxygen laguna ii

Rating: 4.6

Closes the top five electric treadmills product of the famous brand Oxygen Laguna II. The simulator has characteristics similar to the previous model: load up to 130 kg, manual adjustment of the running belt (40x120 cm), there are speakers, expansion joints for installation and wheels for transportation. Despite the more impressive number of programs (19), the maximum acceleration is only 12 km / h, this is the lowest figure among the treadmills presented. The engine is also the weakest - 1.75 horsepower. Accordingly, the performance of the device is the lowest.

The exterior has no comments - the design is organic and users like it. You can buy Oxygen Laguna II for 39 900 rubles.


  • Foldable design with an average weight of 53 kg;

  • Sound speakers;

  • 19 envisaged programs;

  • Optimal cost;


  • The angle of the track can be adjusted, but only manually;

  • Relatively low engine power and speed, respectively.

Top Magnetic Treadmills

A treadmill with a magnetic drive does not work from the network, but is driven by the trainer’s own forces through a smooth magnetic switching system. At the same time, speed and resistance are controlled by the training programs provided. As with electric models, the canvas of the magnetic simulator can change position. This type of device is considered optimal in terms of value for money.

Body Sculpture BT-2860CH

Rating: 4.9

The Body Sculpture BT-2860CH is the best home-use device. The treadmill is equipped with a narrow belt (33 cm), the position of which can be manually changed.People with a body weight of not more than 100 kg are allowed to take classes, but the training algorithm cannot be set, and this is a drawback of the simulator. But all the key process parameters are displayed by the monitor: speed, distance, energy consumption and pulse, which are read by sensors on the handrail. The design is foldable and weighs only 29 kg, but for convenience it is still equipped with transport wheels.

Another nice aspect is the price of only 21,000 rubles.


  • Compact size;

  • Budget cost;

  • Correct heart rate monitors;

  • High-quality assembly without complaints;

  • Light weight and folding design;


  • The lack of programs and the inability to install them.

Brumer TF2001B

Rating: 4.8

This treadmill with a magnetic drive got the second place in the rating category for the impossibility of changing the corner of the belt, you can train only in movement on a horizontal surface. But the Brumer TF2001B has 8 ready-made programs with different speeds and distances, and this is a plus.

The design is folding, with wheels, weighs only 32 kg, the simulator is designed for a user weight of up to 100 kg. The cost pleasantly surprises - about 14,400 rubles, experts could not find negative reviews, which indicates the high quality of the assembly.


  • 8 training programs;

  • Built-in heart rate sensors;

  • Low price;

  • Folding design;


  • The inability to change the angle of inclination of the canvas.

The best mechanical treadmills

The simplest treadmills in terms of design are mechanical. They work due to the movement of several shafts paired with rubber band. It is driven by one’s own efforts. The advantages of the devices include mobility, socket independence and compact size; disadvantages - a minimum set of functions and uneven movement of the rotating running belt.

DFC T2002

Rating: 4.8

Experts recognized the DFC T2002 as the best running mechanical track. The simulator is designed for home use by people weighing up to 110 kg. Users note a smooth ride and good build quality, which is rare for this kind of device. 8 load modes allow you to adjust the intensity of the workout, but programming is not provided. There is a display, it displays information about the process, including the pulse read by the sensors on the handrail.

The width of the track is small - 33 cm, a change in the angle of inclination is not provided. In view of the small functionality, the cost of the DFC T2002 is about 12,000 rubles.


  • 8 load levels;

  • Budget price;

  • Scanning device;

  • Folding design;

  • Smooth running with mechanical drive;


  • The angle of the blade does not change;

  • No depreciation.


Rating: 4.7

In second place is the SPORT ELITE TM1556-01 running mechanical track. Her device is as simple as the leader of the rating, the difference is the lack of programs and load regulation, that is, the athlete sets the pace and distance on his own by the effort of his legs.

The width of the canvas is small - 32 cm, the simulator is designed for a 100-kilogram athlete. The display shows information about the path traveled and speed, the number of calories burned is calculated, and the pulse read by the sensors on the handle is also transmitted.

You can buy SPORT ELITE TM1556-01 for 8500 rubles. The device is suitable for those who are ready to maintain good physical shape without much comfort.


  • Budget price;

  • Light weight 20 kg, there are wheels;

  • Simple and reliable device;


  • There are no programs and load modes;

  • The angle of inclination of the web is not adjustable.

Top Professional Treadmills

Professional trainers are designed for various loads from minimal to increased, the training modes are varied in intensity, the sensors transmit the heartbeat, the dimensions of the running belt are wide with a changeable angle of inclination, the design is designed for heavy weight. Professional treadmills are more common in gyms, but can be purchased for home use. It is worth noting that the price of the devices corresponds to the functionality and is mainly high.


Rating: 4.9

The AMMITY Pro ATM 7500 electric treadmill is suitable for users weighing up to 200 kg: it is equipped with powerful shock absorbers, a wide running belt of 60 cm, a reinforced frame and accurate cardio sensors on the handle. A powerful 4.5 liter engine is responsible for the movement. sec., capable of speeds from 0.8 to 25 km / h, which is suitable for walking pace and sprinting, including cross country terrain - the slope of the canvas automatically changes to 150.

You can engage in the established 49 programs taking into account the pulse, time, distance. Fitness assessment and Quick Start are provided. For comfort, the design provides a fan, stands for books and glasses, expansion joints and wheels for transportation (the simulator weighs 176 kg, so you can not do without them). The simulator features include the ability to connect iOS / ANDROID devices via USB Charger, there is a Bluetooth APP module.

Such wide functionality is able to satisfy the needs of an athlete of any level; about 330,000 rubles will have to be paid for a simulator. Expensive, but worth it. In addition, the design is well assembled and does not require frequent maintenance.


  • Large selection of programs;

  • Connection of additional software;

  • Powerful depreciation system;

  • Automatic change of a tilt angle of a running cloth;

  • Large margin of safety;

  • Electric drive;


  • High price;

  • A lot of weight.

Clear Fit Impetus ZEN 5800

Rating: 4.9

The Clear Fit Impetus ZEN 5800 electric simulator takes the second place due to the less powerful motor (3.5 hp), although the developed speed on it is similar to the leader in the category - from 1 to 25 km / h. The design is also designed for 200 kg, the shock absorption system works perfectly under any loads, including when the blade is tilted to 150 (its width is reduced to 54 cm). The cardiac sensor is located on the handle, you can connect a wireless chest belt.

There are fewer training programs in the simulator software than the leader - only 25, but there is the possibility of individual programming according to the parameters of a particular client. A USB connection to a computer, compatibility with iOS / Android, an audio input and the presence of speakers allow you to listen to audio compositions, a stand for books and a glass will make the training process more enjoyable.

The dimensions of the simulator, in view of its functionality, are impressive - 214x90x136 cm, so you can’t put it in a small-sized living room, but it will fit perfectly into any gym. The cost of Clear Fit Impetus ZEN 5800 is about 299,000 rubles.


  • 25 diverse training programs;

  • Powerful engine

  • Connecting additional equipment via the USB channel;

  • Automatic adjustment of the inclination angle of the running belt;

  • Ability to program training parameters individually;


  • High price (but for high-end professional equipment, the cost is optimal).

Vision Fitness T60

Rating: 4.8

Treadmill with 3 L electric motor. from. it is designed for users up to 159 kg, therefore it occupies only the third place in the rating in the category of professional equipment. Maximum acceleration to 20 km / h, this is enough for intensive training in the gym, but not for a professional runner. There are only 9 training programs, they are diverse in intensity and duration, there is a fitness score.

The width of the canvas is the narrowest among the presented professional treadmills - 51 cm, which is suitable for a person only of non-fat complexion.

The Vision Fitness T60 for professional equipment has average parameters, suitable for training amateurs, but not for professional athletes. The cost of the device is about 270,000 rubles.


  • High endurance of the structure;

  • Automatic adjustment of the angle of the canvas;

  • Ergonomic design

  • Good acceleration;

  • Good assembly without claims to quality even during operation;


  • There could be more programs;

  • Relatively narrow canvas for a professional track.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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