11 best floor toilets with cistern

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

In every apartment and house, a toilet is an integral plumbing product. If the owner eventually forgets about this element of the toilet or bath, then the choice is made correctly. At first glance, buying a toilet is not difficult, especially since the domestic market offers a huge range of products from around the world. But the inexperienced user is the first questions the seller-consultant can confuse. Valuable expert advice will help prepare for your purchase.

How to choose a floor toilet

  1. Design. There is a category of people who consider appearance to be the main selection criterion. Today, both toilet bowls with a traditional shape and original models are offered. Fans of retro style should take a closer look at toilets with hinged cisterns.
  2. Connection method. However, looking at the sparkling whiteness of the bowl, do not forget about some important technical points. First of all, it is important to determine how to connect to the sewer. There are horizontal, inclined and vertical outlets. The easiest way to connect the toilet with the pipeline is through horizontal and inclined taps. Even better, if the toilet has a universal release.
  3. Dimensions. It limits the choice of consumers and the size of the premises in which the purchase will be installed. In tight toilets or bathrooms, compact models with a combined or built-in tank are required. If the area of ​​the bathroom is large, then the scope for the homeowner's imagination is expanding.
  4. Materials With the choice of bowl material, the situation is quite simple. The buyer is offered products from sanitary porcelain or earthenware. For their fastening, both metal and plastic fasteners can be used. Steel hardware with plastic caps looks more reliable.
  5. Flushing. The economical flow rate depends on the flushing method and drain modes. The most economical models are those with reverse flushing, equipped with on / off buttons. When you click on one of them, the tank is completely empty, the second button allows you to drain only half the supply of water.
  6. Additional functional. There are a number of options in modern toilets. The presence of an anti-splash system eliminates the splashing of water when flushing. The lid should have a smooth lowering system, it will gently close the bowl without the help of a person. It is especially useful at night, when every sound is heard especially clearly.

Our review includes the 11 best floor toilets with a cistern. When compiling the rating, the opinion of the expert community and consumer reviews were taken into account.

Which toilet is best hanging or floor

Type of toilet




+ compactness

+ convenience in cleaning the room

+ spectacular appearance

+ silent drain

high installation costs

have to strengthen the wall

- only built-in tank design possible


+ wide range

+ different options for connecting the tank

+ ease of installation and connection

- difficulties with cleaning the room

takes up more space

- many models create a strong noise when flushing

Rating of the best floor toilets with a tank

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best floor-mounted toilet bowls with combined (compact) cistern 1 Jacob Delafon Reve 5033K-00 29 140 ₽
2 Roca The Gap 34273700H + 341730000 15 100 ₽
3 Villeroy & Boch O.novo 56581001 11 128 ₽
4 Jika Mio 823716000 (with tank) 8 467 ₽
5 AM.PM Spirit C708607SC 15 000 ₽
The best floor-mounted toilet bowls with built-in cistern 1 Jacob Delafon Ove E1584-00 22 040 ₽
2 LAUFEN Palomba 8.2380. 16 436 ₽
3 Roca Meridian 347247000 23 642 ₽
4 AM.PM Inspire C501438WH 10 590 ₽
The best floor-mounted toilet bowls with a hinged tank 1 KERASAN Retro 1011 17 791 ₽
2 MIGLIORE Gianeta ML.GNT-25.811.BI 23 250 ₽

The best floor toilets with combined (compact) cistern

The most popular toilets today are models with a combined tank. They are compact enough and elegant, their cost remains one of the most affordable. Experts advise paying attention to several models.

Jacob Delafon Reve 5033K-00

Rating: 4.9

The French Jacob Delafon Reve 5033K-00 floor toilet looks very impressive. The model has a rectangular shape as a bowl, a lid and a tank. The material used is high-quality sanitary porcelain coated with glaze. The surface is characterized by wear resistance, hygiene, perfect smoothness and the necessary density. A universal outlet is used in the toilet, allowing you to choose the direction of the drain. The removable cover is made of thermo-hood, it is equipped with a smooth lowering system.

The product has a number of modern options, this is an anti-splash system, dual drain mode. Depending on the selected drain mode, 3 or 6 liters of water are consumed. Experts gave the French toilet the first place in our rating, despite the high price.


  • porcelain bowl with icing;
  • universal drain;
  • micro lift;
  • elegant design.


  • high price.

Roca The Gap 34273700H + 341730000

Rating: 4.8

Roca The Gap 34273700H + 341730000 ranked second rimless toilet from Spain took second place in the ranking. It is notable for its economical water consumption; discharge is carried out in two modes (2 and 4 l). The model has a rectangular shape of a bowl, tank and lid, but with rounded corners. The wall-mounted design implies the installation of the toilet bowl close to the vertical base. Water is supplied to the bottom of the drain tank, a mechanical drain button is easy to maintain.

An interesting design is suitable for different interiors, it meets all modern requirements. Users praise the model for its beautiful appearance, quality workmanship, affordable price. It is necessary to carefully approach the installation, because when the skew is cracked in the bowl.


  • beautiful appearance;
  • economical water consumption;
  • flat surface of the bowl;
  • acceptable price.


  • cases of cracking of the bowl are noted.

Villeroy & Boch O.novo 56581001

Rating: 4.7

The German toilet Villeroy & Boch O.novo 56581001 is able to decorate the interior of any bath or toilet. It is made in a modern style, with all the minimalism, the model reveals elegance and conciseness. Plumbing porcelain provides the necessary wear resistance, hygiene and hardness of the surface. This floor-mounted toilet is easy to install and maintain. As for the intricacies of installation, a wall-mounted installation with horizontal connection to the sewage system is provided.

The German manufacturer has equipped his product with Aquareduct water saving system with two drain modes. Experts put the model in third place in the rating, because users report rapid contamination due to the rough surface in some areas of the bowl.


  • modern style;
  • low price;
  • wear resistant surface;
  • economical water consumption.


  • rough surface of the bowl.

Jika Mio 823716000 (with tank)

Rating: 4.7

At the most affordable price, domestic consumers can buy a Czech Jika Mio 823716000 floor toilet. The model has a rounded bowl and tank shape. Restrained style allows you to organically fit into different interiors of toilets and bathrooms. Like many competitors, the sanitary product is not equipped with a seat. Some stores sell tanks separately from the bowl. The drain outlet has a vertical arrangement, which is important to consider during installation. The capacity of the tank is 6 liters, the mechanical mechanism has two flushing modes.

Users liked the workmanship, color, and convenience of the toilet. At an affordable price, the model has such modern features as dual-mode flush and anti-splash. Of the minuses, there is a lack of a cover in the kit and a low quality of shutoff valves.


  • affordable price;
  • reliability;
  • high-quality flush;
  • anti-splash.


  • not the highest quality valves.

AM.PM Spirit C708607SC

Rating: 4.6

The AM.PM Spirit C708607SC model closes our rating of the best toilet bowls with a combined tank. Experts have included this product in the review for their verified geometric design. Clear edges harmonize with smooth surfaces and curves. Not every manufacturer is capable of producing such sophisticated porcelain products. The strengths of the German toilet include a silent flush (17 dB), which is equipped with an economical EcoLogic system. Thanks to it, it is possible to save 600 ml of water each time the button is pressed. In addition, a back flush makes it easy to keep the bowl clean.

Users like the 25-year warranty, a powerful and efficient flushing of the tank, cost-effectiveness. There are some negative aspects, for example, cases of defective products (scratches on enamel, cracks in the back) have been identified.


  • original form;
  • silent back flushing;
  • economical water consumption.


  • significant not found.

The best floor toilets with built-in cistern

Floor-mounted toilets with built-in cisterns are becoming increasingly popular. Since only the bowl will be installed in the room, and the tank is hidden behind the wall, this is the most compact installation option. Experts have identified several interesting models.

Jacob Delafon Ove E1584-00

Rating: 4.9

The Jacob Delafon Ove E1584-00 flush toilet has won our ranking for a number of reasons. Soft lines of the model create an atmosphere of true relaxation. For manufacture, the manufacturer used high-quality sanitary porcelain with a coating of glaze. The product was praised by experts for its wear resistance, perfect smoothness and hygiene. Thanks to the universal release, the user has a choice of the preferred direction of discharge. The Soft Close cover is made of thermo-duro, it is equipped with a silent mechanism of smooth lowering.

Users in the reviews confirm the high quality of the French toilet, stylish design and ease of care. Only the cost of the model has certain complaints.


  • original design;
  • wear resistance and reliability;
  • silent lowering of a cover;
  • easy care.


  • high price.

LAUFEN Palomba 8.2380.

Rating: 4.8

At first glance, the purchase of the Swiss toilet LAUFEN Palomba 8.2380. looks more attractive than the acquisition of Jacob Delafon Ove. However, at an attractive price, the model is sold due to the lack of a seat cover. The wall design assumes an oblique outlet, which should be considered when connecting. The bowl is made of sanitary ware protected by an anti-mud coating. The rectangular shape of the toilet has rounded corners and faces, which gives sophistication to the product. Excellent workmanship is confirmed by a 5-year warranty.

Users have no particular complaints about the quality of the bowl itself, design and convenience. Only when flushing, splashes and drops fly around the room.


  • beautiful appearance;
  • high-quality earthenware;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • comfortable fit.


  • weak flushing;
  • no cover included.

Roca Meridian 347247000

Rating: 4.7

The Spanish floor toilet Roca Meridian 347247000 will undoubtedly decorate any toilet or bathroom. A bowl made of sanitary ware has a modern design in a minimalist style. A horizontal outlet is structurally provided, the surface of the bowl has a smooth wear-resistant coating. Of the additional options, experts found only an anti-splash system. The model is quite expensive, although the equipment is extremely poor, there is not even a cover. Therefore, this floor-mounted toilet takes only the third place in the rating.

Domestic consumers liked the beautiful shape, compact size, quality manufacturing. The disadvantages of the owners include the high price and noise when flushing.


  • universal design;
  • high-quality manufacture of the bowl;
  • anti-splash system;
  • compact sizes.


  • high price;
  • noisy flush.

AM.PM Inspire C501438WH

Rating: 4.6

The German AM.PM Inspire C501438WH floor-standing toilet has a similar oval shape. The bowl is made of sanitary porcelain, the set does not include a cover-seat. At the same time, the model boasts a reasonable price. The wall design provides horizontal connection to the sewerage. Of the additional options, experts note the anti-splash system.

The product stopped a step from the leading position in the rating, because there are critical comments in consumer reviews. Some users are unhappy with the quality of flushing, while others complain about the weak plugs of the mount. However, the acceptable price of the toilet and decent quality cause genuine interest in it from potential buyers.


  • affordable price;
  • anti-splash system;
  • high-quality manufacturing.


  • poor equipment;
  • slight flushing.

The best floor toilets with a hinged tank

Installing a toilet with a hinged tank often pursues certain stylistic tasks. They fit best into the retro interior. In the domestic market, a small selection of original toilets. Here are a couple of unique models.

KERASAN Retro 1011

Rating: 4.9

Fans of retro style will like the design of the floor toilet KERASAN Retro 1011. The Italian model stands out for its oval-shaped bowl with decorative transitions, a stylish tank with a chrome pipe. Separately, you only have to buy a seat cover. To connect to the sewer there is a horizontal outlet. The bowl itself is made of sanitary porcelain, which is perfectly smoothly crafted. The manufacturer confirms the high quality of his product, providing him with a 15-year warranty. You can choose from two colors (white and black). The model deservedly takes first place in the ranking.

Domestic users are enthusiastic about the quality and functionality of this floor toilet. The model perfectly combines affordable price and stylish retro design.


  • retro design;
  • decorative transitions;
  • chrome pipe;
  • 15 year warranty.


  • not detected.

MIGLIORE Gianeta ML.GNT-25.811.BI

Rating: 4.8

Another floor-mounted toilet with a hinged cistern fell into our rating. The MIGLIORE Gianeta ML.GNT-25.811.BI model is also made in Italy, it will organically fit into the interior with a hint of retro. The tank of high installation is suspended from the wall at the level of 187.5 cm. The toilet bowl has a classic oval shape, the connection to the sewage system is through a horizontal outlet. A plumbing earthenware was used to make the bowl, and the anti-splash system can be distinguished from additional options. On sale you can find the Italian toilet, both fully equipped, and only in the form of one bowl. The high price does not allow him to become a winner in the ranking.

For users who were able to afford the purchase of an expensive toilet, there are no complaints about quality. Only one button (full drain) will not save water.


  • high-quality manufacturing;
  • sophisticated design;
  • different configuration options.


  • high price;
  • high water consumption.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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