7 best oil-free type air compressors

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

A wide range of applications are oil-free type compressors. These devices can be found in the food and pharmaceutical industries, in mechanical engineering and in everyday life. Since the device works without oil, the output is high-quality compressed air. This is the main advantage of oil-free compressors. Today, the Russian market has a wide range of devices from different manufacturers. Our experts will help determine the main selection criteria.

Compressor Selection Criteria

Design Features. Oil-free compressors differ from each other in their design.

  1. Spiral models are a simple device where two spirals play the main violin. One of them is in a static position, and the other is constantly rotating. This is how air is injected.
  2. The screw compressor consists of two chambers. In one of them, air is drawn in from the atmosphere. In another chamber, two screws rotate towards each other, forcing air.
  3. The piston device resembles the operation of an internal combustion engine. Only the piston is driven by the torque that is transmitted through the crankshaft from the electric motor.

Power and performance. The key features of an oil-free compressor are electric motor power and unit performance.

  1. For working with airbrushes or cleaning computer equipment, small models with a power of 0.3-1 kW are suitable, producing up to 180 liters of compressed air per minute.
  2. If you want to work with pneumatic tools or paint work, it is preferable to take a more powerful (1.1-1.5 kW) and productive (200-250 l / min) unit.

Receiver. Depending on the type of work performed, the size of the receiver is also selected. The smaller the volume of the tank, the faster the compressed air leaves and the compressor often has to turn on. But a large receiver makes the device heavy and dimensional, which is inconvenient for transportation or home use. Therefore, with a small flow rate of compressed air, compressors with a receiver up to 10 liters are suitable, but for volumetric work it is better to take a model with a tank of 20-50 liters.

Convenience of movement. When the compressor often has to be moved from place to place or transported, the user pays attention to such moments as weight and overall dimensions.

  1. Lightweight models (up to 20 kg) are usually equipped with legs and a carrying handle.
  2. Heavier compressors are equipped with wheels, which simplifies moving around the workshop or garage.

Equipment. Compressors and a wealth of equipment are distinguished.

  1. Novice masters should take a closer look at the devices, with which there is an air hose, a spray gun, purge and pump guns, all kinds of nozzles.
  2. Professionals already have the necessary set of additional accessories. Therefore, it is preferable for them to buy only the compressor itself.

We have selected 7 of the best oil-free type air compressors in our review. Buying them in stores in Russia is not difficult. When allocating seats, the editorial board of Ecdfburma magazine based on the conclusions of experts, not forgetting the feedback from domestic consumers.

Rating of the best oil-free type air compressors

Nominationa place Name of product price
Rating of the best oil-free type air compressors 1Metabo Power 250-10 W OF 14 258 ₽
2Kraton AC-300-50-OFS 17 990 ₽
3Fubag HOUSE MASTER KIT 7 199 ₽
4ABAC Start O20P 15 980 ₽
5greenworks GAC6L 6 119 ₽
6Fubag smart air 6 349 ₽
7ELITECH KPB 190/6 + OH 5 998 ₽

Metabo Power 250-10 W OF

Rating: 4.9

The experts found the optimal combination of productivity, mobility and ease of maintenance in the Metabo Power 250-10 W OF compressor. The model is a lightweight (24 kg) and compact device with a connection to a single-phase power supply. The manufacturer made the original design, where he put convenience in the first place. On the instrument panel there are connecting outputs and manometers with a well-readable scale. Of the additional options, it should be noted the possibility of winding the power cord and protection against overheating. The model becomes the winner of our review.

Users in reviews praise the device for high-quality assembly, optimal layout, quiet operation. By cons include the high price with a minimum configuration.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • convenient control panel;
  • silent work;
  • lightness and compactness.


  • high price.

Kraton AC-300-50-OFS

Rating: 4.8

The Kraton AC-300-50-OFS compressor stands out against competitors for its high performance. The model has a coaxial drive, which allows for a low pressure (2 kW) to create a pressure of 8 bar. The productivity of the device at the inlet reaches 300 l / min, compressed air from two compressors accumulates in the receiver with a volume of 50 l. The reverse side of high technical parameters is a large weight (40 kg), which limits the movement of the device. Experts gave the silver models of our review.

Russian users note such advantages of the compressor as a 3-year warranty, quiet operation, and rapid pressure build-up. By cons, they include one outlet for pneumatic tools, unreliable tightening of the fastening connections.


  • high performance;
  • large receiver;
  • silent work;
  • 3 year warranty.


  • heavy weight;
  • limp build quality.


Rating: 4.7

The optimal ratio of productivity (180 l / min at the outlet), weight (18.2 kg) and price has a Fubag HOUSE MASTER KIT compressor. Experts consider the model an excellent option for working in the country or in the garage. The model is equipped with an economical electric motor (1.1 kW) and a 24-liter receiver. But most of all, the device attracts potential buyers with its rich configuration. Together with the compressor, the manufacturer supplies a spray gun, a hose, a blower nozzle and a tire inflation gun.

The third line in our review is explained by the difficulties with setting up the device. At the first start, the motor refuses to turn off after the maximum pressure has been set, only the emergency valve is activated. The problem is solved by turning the adjusting screw counterclockwise.


  • rich equipment;
  • light weight;
  • good performance;
  • affordable price.


  • adjustment required.

ABAC Start O20P

Rating: 4.6

The Italian compressor ABAC Start O20P differs in usability. Experts attribute the model to the industrial class for high performance (230 l / min), the ability to adjust pressure and low weight (14 kg). Of the advantages, high air quality, anticorrosive coating of the receiver, and economy are noted. The single-cylinder model has a direct drive, which allows the maximum use of a small motor power (1.5 kW). The weakness of the Italian compressor is a small receiver (6 l).

Domestic users are still restrained about the device, they are not satisfied with the high price and a small supply of compressed air. There are no complaints about the build quality, anti-corrosion coating and performance.


  • high quality;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • good performance;
  • profitability.


  • high price;
  • small receiver.

Greenworks GAC6L

Rating: 4.5

The smallest direct-drive compressor is the American model greenworks GAC6L. It is equipped with an economical 0.3 kW electric motor that delivers 40 l / min. The weight of the device is only 6.8 kg. The unit is perfect for working with airbrushes and air staplers. For carrying the compact device there is a convenient wide handle. The compressor can operate both vertically and horizontally. Air intake and pressure can be adjusted.

Domestic consumers like compactness, lightness, reasonable price and ease of use. But the noise level does not suit users, as well as the real maximum pressure level (6.9 bar).


  • profitability;
  • lightness and compactness;
  • convenience of movement;
  • head adjustment.


  • noisiness
  • overpressure is exceeded.

Fubag smart air

Rating: 4.4

A multifunctional device is the German development of Fubag Smart Air. The compact device is sold with 6 accessories. The manufacturer supplies with the compressor a 3-meter hose, guns for blowing and inflating tires, nozzles for filling balls, mattresses and bicycle wheels with compressed air. With a power of 1.1 kW, the device has a capacity of 180 l / min, creating a pressure of 8 bar. However, experts consider the main advantage of the model compactness, lightness and good quality. The compressor falls on the 6th place of our review due to the small receiver.

Many users find the supply of 2 liter compressed air insufficient. Within 8 s, the receiver is emptied, so the compressor has to constantly work.


  • compactness and lightness;
  • rich equipment;
  • affordable price;
  • high-quality assembly.


  • small receiver;
  • noisy work.


Rating: 4.3

At the most attractive price, the Russian-Chinese compressor ELITECH KPB 190/6 + OH is sold on the domestic market. His experts refer to semi-professional equipment that will provide compressed air to airbrushes, spray guns, spray guns and other pneumatic tools. The model is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 1.1 kW, the compressor has a capacity of 180 l / min with a maximum pressure of 8 bar. The air flow can be adjusted, the volume of the receiver is 6 liters. The kit includes a spray gun and a hose, for carrying the device weighing 11 kg there is a convenient handle.

Domestic users like the model at an affordable price, good build, compactness. Of the minuses, a small supply of air is noted.


  • low price;
  • good quality;
  • compactness;
  • pressure adjustment.


  • small receiver;
  • modest equipment.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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