13 best water parks in Russia

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Today, water parks are actively being built throughout Russia. At the moment, there are more than 45 large water-entertainment complexes in the country, located in various cities, most often regional centers or resort areas.

A modern water park is, in fact, the most complicated hydraulic engineering water structure, including many slides, water attractions, pools, as well as baths, saunas and hammams. For the convenience of visitors, water parks are additionally equipped with massage rooms, shops, cafes and restaurants, parking lots. It is proposed to rent absolutely everything - from towels to slippers, to use the services of animators, nannies, photographers. In a word, in water parks everything is equipped in such a way that you can comfortably spend the whole day here with your children and family. We present the rating of the best water parks in Russia, prepared by experts of the Expertology portal.

Rating of the best water parks in Russia

Nomination a place Aquaparkrating
Rating of the best water parks in Russia 1Golden Bay 5.0
2Aquamir 4.9
3Aqualoo 4.8
4Tiki tak 4.7
5Peterland 4.6
6Golden Beach 4.5
7Dzhubga 4.4
8Kwa Kwa Park 4.3
9Starfish 4.2
10Moreon 4.1
11Riviera 4.0
12Banana republic 3.9
13H2O 3.8

Golden Bay

Rating: 5.0

Water Park "Golden Bay", located in the city of Gelendzhik, was opened in 2004. Since then, to this day, it has been one of the largest water parks in Russia and one of the five most prestigious European entertainment complexes, as evidenced by numerous awards. For this, our experts placed the Golden Bay water park in first place in the rating.

The water park includes 49 slides, 69 runs and 10 water attractions, the longest of which is 137 m, and the hill is 25 m. Kids whose growth does not reach 93 cm can splash around in 3 attractions. Children, with a height of 106 cm, will already be able to visit water wars, a trampoline and some slides of the Fortress complex with water slides and slopes. For children with a height of 140-145 cm, larger-scale entertainment is provided - stained-glass windows, slides, slopes and pipes.

The main distinguishing feature of the "Golden Bay" lies in the design. There is an arboretum on the territory, with more than 9 species of plants from different parts of the planet. 10 meters from the coastal zone. You can swim in 8 pools, among which there are swimming, aero-hydromassage, drag, etc. The design of the Golden Bay is designed in such a way that visitors never once hit the same place twice.

The complex water park provides a restaurant, pizzeria, several eateries. For a fee, you can use the services of a photographer, a restroom, shower room, storage rooms and parking.

A ticket can only be bought for the whole day. There are no discounts or happy hours at Golden Bay. There are 2 types of tickets: adult - 1700 p., Children (height from 110 to 114 cm) - 900 p. Children under 106 cm visit the water park for free.

  1. Address: Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Territory, Russia Tourist, 23
  2. Opening hours: from 9.30 to 19.00
  3. Phone: +7 861 412-90-29
  4. Website: buhtagold.com


  • The largest water park in Russia
  • Large and well-groomed landscaped area
  • Many varied slides
  • 8 pools
  • There are hot meals and drinks.
  • Stylish modern design


  • Costly entry fees
  • Long lines on the slides
  • There is no way to pay by card
  • Few children's slides


Rating: 4.9

We placed the largest indoor water park in Russia at the second level of our rating. Aquamir was opened in 2016 in Novosibirsk and today is one of the newest and most modern. The area is 40,000 square meters. m., at the same time, "Akvamir" is able to accept up to 2.5 thousand people and up to 10 thousand people a day. On the territory of the water park is the largest artificial sea, the area of ​​which is 1 thousand square meters. m., and another 153 attractions, 13 slides, with a total length of 1 km. Three of them are not found anywhere else in Russia: the Aquasfera, which consists of 3 hemispheres, an extreme water loop and a slide the size of a Manta’s wing.

There is a cafe on the food court where you can relax and eat. The average cost of visiting on a weekday is 1500 p. (adults) and 1200 p. children, on weekends and holidays 2200 r. (adults) and 1800 p. (children). Tariffs on shares can be found at the office. site.

  1. Address: Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk region, Russia st. Yarinskaya, 8
  2. Opening hours: from 9.00 to 22:00
  3. Phone: +7 383 316-00-00
  4. Website: akvamirnsk.ru


  • The largest year-round water park in Russia
  • A wide variety of entertainment
  • Unique thermal complex
  • Wellness Spa
  • Room temperature 30 degrees


  • High cost of admission tickets for children
  • Impolite staff
  • Long lines on the slides


Rating: 4.8

The only water park on the Black Sea coast operating year-round, with eight pools filled with warm sea water. We have identified "Akvaloo" third place in the ranking. Over 35,000 people visit it every month. The area is 2 hectares, and on the territory there are 20 slides of the most diverse level of complexity.

"Aqualoo" consists of 2 parts: summer, seasonal and indoor, functioning for a whole year. At the same time, the most extreme attractions from 24 to 153 m long, a wave pool, children's play complexes and recreation areas are located in the open air. In addition, there are cafes, bars, fountains, themed children's towns, as well as places for tanning and foam discos. In the covered part there are fascinating slopes with a length of 50 to 91 m, a SPA complex, 3 swimming pools with waterfalls, children's slides, a Finnish sauna, a bathhouse, a jacuzzi pool and a font.

The price of the visit includes a free lunch and drinks in the form of a buffet, and the water park also holds many different promotions. Guests staying at Aqualoo Complex can visit the water park for free. The price depends on the time of day and varies in the range of 1000-1700 p.

  1. Address: Russia, Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, ul. Decembrists, 78-b
  2. Phone: 8-800-555-40-40
  3. Hours: around the clock
  4. Website: akvapark-sochi.ru


  • Water park is open all year.
  • Sea water pools
  • Reasonable cost
  • Free buffet is included in the price of visiting


  • Have problems with hygiene
  • Bad kitchen
  • Long lines

Tiki tak

Rating: 4.7

An open-air water park "Tiki-Tak", located in Anapa (Dzhemete), according to our experts, takes fourth place in the rating. Tiki-Tak only works in the summer season. The landscaped area looks like a tropical island with exotic plants and palm trees, green lawns and even Native American idols. Incidentally, in terms of water volume, Tiki-Tak is second in Europe.

The total length of all slides is 2 km. Attractions are divided into children's, family and extreme. The latter are accessible only to adults, and children whose height exceeds 110 cm can ride on family ones. In addition to attractions, visitors are provided with several pools - hopping, wave, the famous "lazy river" and many others. etc. On the stage there are entertaining events - quests, foam parties, games, concerts, animators work. The food court is represented by several cafes, a dining room, but experienced visitors advise taking food with them, especially the water park administration does not mind.

The water park operates in 2 shifts: morning (from 10 to 21 hours) and evening (from 16 to 21). The cost of admission for the whole day is 1500 rubles. for adults and 900 p. for children. In the second shift - 1300 p. and 800 p. respectively.

  1. Address: 38 Pionersky Prospekt, Anapa, Russia
  2. Opening hours: from 10.00 to 21.00
  3. Phone: +7 861 333-36-46
  4. Website: akvapark-tikitak.ru


  • Many slides for children
  • Free parking
  • Zones for children and adults
  • Fun Pool Parties


  • Cold water
  • High prices in a cafe
  • Unequipped locker room


Rating: 4.6

One of the largest indoor water parks in St. Petersburg "Peterland" in our rating today takes the fifth position. This is the third complex of this kind in the Northern capital, however, unlike the opponents, it is thematic and is completely devoted to the pirate theme. The area of ​​the water entertainment complex is 25 square meters. m., respectively, at the same time he is able to accept up to 2000 people.

The height of the rides reaches 16 m, and the longest slide is 212 m. There is also a unique slide, which does not lower, but lifts up. The complex also includes baths, in the amount of 14 pieces, among which there are African, Roman, Turkish and Japanese baths.

Thanks to a special dome made of ETFE with an air gap that transmits ultraviolet light, you can sunbathe in the water park in summer and winter. There are conditions for diving, surfing, there is a modern equipped spa. Also in the water park you can do yoga, visit the company store or photo studio for a fee. For motorists, two parking lots for 2000 places are equipped.

  1. Cost: 1700 p. (adult) and 890 p. (children) on weekdays and 1900 p.; 990 p. on holidays and weekends. You can also purchase a visit for 5 hours.
  2. Address: 72, Primorsky pr., St. Petersburg, Russia
  3. Opening hours: from 10.00 to 22.30, Mon From 3 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.
  4. Phone: +7 812 777-15-55
  5. Website: aqua.piterland.ru


  • The largest indoor water park in St. Petersburg
  • Convenient location
  • Children under 5 years old admission is free
  • Large parking
  • Shopping center nearby
  • A large number of additional services


  • Ticket overpriced
  • Big line on the slides
  • Impolite staff

Golden Beach

Rating: 4.5

The entertainment center "Golden Beach", located on the very shore of the Black Sea, is at the sixth level of the rating of water parks in Russia. Tourists appreciate the water park for its convenient location in the heart of the city and panoramic sea views, as well as many types of water activities. The water park is open only in the warm season.

The park has 20 types of different slides, equipped with a variety of swimming pools for swimming and outdoor activities, as well as themed "Treasure Island" for kids. For lovers of extreme sports there are 4 slides, for family holidays - 3 attractions. By 2020, the administration plans to build new attractions.

On the food court there are 2 cafes with a varied menu, it is allowed to take food with you. Entrance fee depends on the season. So, for example, in the light season, the price is only 700 rubles, both for adults and for young visitors. But in the hottest summer months, it grows 2 times and equals 1200-1500 p.

  1. Address: Russia, Krasnodar Territory, Anapa, ul. Grebenskaya, 2A
  2. Opening hours: from 10.00 to 19.00
  3. Phone: +7 861 333-16-68
  4. Website: anapa-akvapark.ru


  • The largest summer water park in Anapa
  • Nearby is the sea
  • Convenient location
  • Interesting programs and attractions for young guests


  • High prices
  • There is no sauna and no place to stay warm
  • Cold water in children's pools
  • Queues


Rating: 4.4

Krasnodar Territory can also be proud of the presence of a large-scale water and entertainment complex in the Tuapse district. The Dzhubga water park, with an area of ​​more than 2 hectares, opened in 2009, ranks seventh in the ranking of the best water parks in Russia. The complex includes more than 20 types of water entertainment, 4 swimming pools, including the famous wave pool, a 500-meter-long reservoir called the Lazy River, as well as waterfalls, a jacuzzi and even artificial rocks. At the same time, the water park is able to accommodate up to 2000 people.

Especially tourists like the picturesque location of the water park among the green hills, which in itself sets up for a pleasant stay. For adults, 16 slides are provided, for children - 12 attractions. By the way, visitors are highly recommended for a ride on the unique attraction "Cobra", 17 m high.

There is a cafe on the food court where you can have a snack or enjoy cocktails in the cocktail bar without leaving the pool. Also on the territory there are shops with sunscreens, masks, swimming trunks and much more. The cost of entering the water park depends on the time of day. The price for a full day is 1500 p. for adults and 800 p. for children. For half a day (entry from 14 to 19 h) you will need to pay 1,400 and 700 rubles.

  1. Address: Russia, Dzhubga, Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse District, Novorossiysk Highway 10a
  2. Opening hours: from 10.00 to 19.00
  3. Phone: 8 (928) 263-55-55
  4. Website: akvaparkjubga.ru


  • Clean well-kept area
  • Over 20 rides
  • Free sun loungers and lockers for things
  • Beautiful natural landscape
  • Artificial Sea and River


  • Cold water in some pools
  • Tasty food in cafeterias
  • Queues on the slides

Kwa Kwa Park

Rating: 4.3

Kva-Kva Park - one of the largest indoor water parks in Moscow, we have identified the eighth line of the rating. On an area of ​​about 4200 m2 there are attractions, numerous pools and a variety of slides. There are extreme entertainment "Tsunami", "Turn", "Black Hole", and the calm "Multislide" "Long River".

For children from 3 to 8 years, a separate zone is provided, safely equipped with slides, mini-waterfalls, pools, with a depth of 0.35 m and a length of 10.5 m. The water temperature in the children's corner is at least 32 degrees. In addition to water activities, the water park is equipped with a bath complex with a hammam, sauna, sanarium, steam room. It offers a variety of spa treatments - massage, body wraps, peeling with fish. The services of an animator and a photographer are separately provided.

The cost of visiting Kva-Kva Park: 1800 rubles / adults and 1000 rubles / children. At the weekend - 2000 p. and 1500 p. Separately, you can purchase subscriptions for 6.12 or 30 visits, costing from 3300 to 11400 p. or gift certificates with the right to visit for 2-12 hours.

  1. Address: Russia, Moscow Region, Mytishchi, Communist Street. 1
  2. Opening hours: from 10.00 to 22.00
  3. Phone: +7 495 789-69-18
  4. Website: kva-kva.ru


  • The most spacious water park in the capital
  • Large landscaped area
  • Warm water in the children's area
  • Free parking
  • Many promotions and discounts
  • Free vests for children


  • A lot of people on the weekend
  • Little children's entertainment


Rating: 4.2

The Starfish water park, operating since 2003, is located in the heart of Lazarevsky, and covers an area of ​​1 hectare. The infrastructure is typical of most water parks, but the pools here are filled with saltwater. "Starfish" in our ranking takes the ninth line.

In total, 11 slides and water attractions of various levels are provided on the territory. Fans of thrills will like the rides "Pigtails", "Kamikaze", "Space Ball". For a relaxing holiday, the Italian hill "Foam", "Black Trumpet" and "Boa" are provided. Foam parties with animators are held daily. Infrastructure includes a cafe, a bistro, as well as souvenir shops, areas for walking and relaxing in the shade, photo services.

Issue price: 4 hours in the water park will cost 800 p. for adults and 600 p. for children. For a full day you have to pay 1000 p. and 800 p.

  1. Address: Russia, Krasnodar Territory, Sochi, ul. Lazareva, 108a
  2. Opening hours: from 10.00 to 19.00
  3. Phone: +7 862 290-60-26
  4. Website: akvapark-mz-lazarevskoe.ru


  • Children under five years old admission is free
  • Convenient location
  • Sea water in pools
  • Foam parties


  • Unskilled staff
  • High prices for services inside the complex
  • Little fun for crumbs
  • Worn slides


Rating: 4.1

A multifunctional complex, including a water park, is the largest entertainment center in Eastern Europe. This is not only a water park, but also a fitness center, spa complex, restaurants of different cuisines, a bowling center. Also in "Moreon" there are saunas, baths, in the amount of 29 pieces, 20 spa rooms, a karaoke bar, bowling. The largest aquacomplex in Russia in the ranking of Ecdfburma portal is in tenth place.

Water park with an area of ​​6 thousand square meters.m, has 7 slides of varying degrees of extreme sports and 9 pools. In the game town, decorated in a pirate style, there are ramps, masts, mini-slides. Fans of a relaxing holiday can visit the relaxation area with hydromassage and jacuzzi, lagoon and grotto. Water temperature is from 29 to 35 degrees. Additional services - photo studio, fast food cafe, accessory shops, fish peeling, holiday service.

  1. The price of admission for the whole day is from 1150 to 1690 rubles. for adults, for children - from 690 to 950 p. Children up to 110 cm tall are free.
  2. Address: Russia, Moscow, Golubinskaya St., 16
  3. Opening hours: from 10.00 to 22.00
  4. Phone: +7 495 374-53-35
  5. Website: more-on.ru


  • Comfortable temperature throughout the water park
  • Interesting unusual slides
  • Access to the terrace
  • A fascinating area for children
  • Clean and comfortable


  • Spoiled Inventory
  • Paid Hair Dryer
  • Long lines in the summer season


Rating: 4.0

One of the largest water parks in the world - Kazan water park "Riviera" takes the eleventh position in the ranking. Here are collected more than 50 attractions - from extreme to children's. Also, the complex is not deprived of an extensive relaxation area, a solarium, a bar, a jacuzzi. Opened in 2007, the water park has been hosting guests from all over Russia for more than 10 years. By the way, in 2010 Riviera was recognized as the best park in Russia according to Forbes magazine.

In the complex "Riviera" there is a hotel with 210 rooms, fitness clubs and spas, cafeterias and restaurants, a year-round ice rink. The water park is divided into 2 zones: open and closed. The open area of ​​the water park is about 900 square meters. m., closed - 1500 m2. At the same time, the throughput is 3500 people / day.

There is also a popular year-round pool filled with warm water. Scuba diving enthusiasts can enjoy scuba diving. There is a lobby bar as well as an aqua bar on site. Entrance to the water park: weekdays and Sunday: adult 1400 rubles / child 1200 rubles / reduced 1300 rubles .; Saturday - adult 1600 rubles / child 1300 rubles / preferential 1400 rubles

  1. Address: Russia, Rep. Tatarstan, Kazan, ul. Fatykha Amirkhan, 1
  2. Opening hours: Mon-Fri From 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., Sat.- Sun. From 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  3. Phone: +7 843 526-57-57
  4. Website: kazanriviera.ru/aquapark/


  • A wide variety of rides
  • A whole range of entertainment in one place
  • Saunas, baths, jacuzzi, solarium
  • Promotions and discounts are constantly held


  • High prices for food and drinks in a cafe
  • Long lines

Banana republic

Rating: 3.9

Waterpark "Banana Republic", located between Yevpatoria and Saki, on the Black Sea, is one of the largest complexes of this kind in the Crimea. Such a favorable location attracts many guests who come here from different parts of the peninsula. In our ranking, "Banana Republic" takes the twelfth position.

The complex with access to the sea and views of the expanses of water covers an area of ​​about 4 hectares. Entertainment infrastructure includes 8 pools and 25 attractions. The water park is unique in its design - the territories are designed in the design of ancient Latin America. Here you can find sculptures of the Aztecs, an alley of stone moai, which are almost identical to the original stone idols from Easter Island.

At the food court it is proposed to try dishes of Eastern and European cuisine - barbecue, lagman, grilled vegetables, as well as visit the cocktail bar or children's cafe with crepes and ice cream. The cost of visiting the water park is 1700 p. for the whole day and 1600 p. from 2 p.m. to close. Children 1200 r. and 1110 p. There is also a VIP zone in the water park where you can rent bungalows and retire with your company or family.

  1. Address: Russia, Evpatoria, st. Kalamitskaya, 14
  2. Opening hours: from 10.00 to 18.00
  3. Phone: +7 365 632-89-26
  4. Website: akvarespublika.com


  • Located on the seashore
  • Free beach
  • Rent a bungalow for a company
  • Zone for children


  • Long lines
  • Cold water in the pools of the children's area
  • Tasty and expensive food in a cafe


Rating: 3.8

The largest Rostov water park H2O closes our expert rating. The three-level entertainment center was opened in 2013. On a total area of ​​24 thousand m2 there are attractions, saunas and baths, a spa, a food court and shops. The water park is open all year, parties and holidays are constantly held here.

The water park capacities are designed for 1800 guests and include 8 slides, 20 pools, a water town for children. Among the main attractions, guests note a warm rooftop pool, where you can swim in winter and summer, as well as a variety of baths. The spa offers beauty services, manicures and pedicures. The food court is represented by four establishments - a bistro cafe, an Italian restaurant, and an ice cream bar.

The price of tickets depends on the season and time of visit. The cost of a whole day 1450 p. (adult) and 1050 p. (children's) ticket; at the weekend - 1750 p. and 1250 p. You can also take advantage of the offer of 4 hours, "happy hours", preferential, etc.

  1. Address: Russia, Rostov Region, Rostov-on-Don, 34 Mikhail Nagibin Ave.
  2. Opening hours: from 10.00 to 22.00
  3. Phone: +7 800 100-99-93
  4. Website: h2opark.ru


  • Large modern water park of Russia
  • A lot of entertainment
  • Rooftop outdoor pool
  • Works all year


  • Water is cold
  • The terms do not gain the desired temperature

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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