The 10 best beauty salons in Saratov

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Today, no woman can do without visiting a beauty salon. Someone comes to dye their hair and get a haircut, some just for manicure. Many choose comprehensive services, including medical, image and spa treatments. Modern centers of this type are trying to improve their activities: equipment is being updated, staff are being upgraded. In the salons in which they value their customers, they carefully monitor trends in the world of the beauty industry and offer more and more new services designed specifically to preserve female beauty and youth.

Today many such institutions are open. Each of them has its regular customers. Which of the best beauty salons in Saratov, and where are the services of the highest level? Our rating contains 10 nominees who overtook their competitors and deserved extremely positive reviews.

Rating of the best beauty salons in Saratov

Nomination a place beauty saloonrating
Rating of the best beauty salons in Saratov 1Jean-claude biguine 5.0
2Diva 4.9
3Victoria 4.8
4DrugoY 4.7
5Beauty area 4.6
6Oceania 4.5
74 Elements 4.4
8Belle 4.3
9Versailles 4.2
10Reference 4.1

Jean-claude biguine

Rating of a beauty salon (Saratov): 5.0

The first is the salon, which belongs to the famous French network Jean-Claude Biguine, which includes 400 centers in different countries of the world. Everything is ideally combined in it: the European level of service, the latest equipment, a creative team of craftsmen, exact observance of sanitary and hygienic standards. During work, professional cosmetics of famous brands are used. All employees were trained in international schools and confirmed their qualifications.

Hairdressing services include a range of procedures: head massage, haircut, coloring, styling. At the same time, innovative technologies are applied that are not used anywhere else in the city. A cosmetologist will choose a program for care, help quickly get rid of all skin imperfections. The price list includes manicure (including for men), pedicure, depilation.

Here they take care of customers, offering interesting promotional programs. So, the birthday person receives a discount on all procedures in the amount of 30%. Over the years, the center has acquired a large number of loyal customers and every year their number is constantly growing. It is located on the street. Shevchenko, 18, and is open every day from 9:00 to 20:00. Administrator phone: +7 8452 26 11 11.


Rating of a beauty salon (Saratov): 4.8

The silver rating nominee is a salon, which was one of the first to provide European-level services in Saratov. This year he turned 25 years old, and he still holds a leading position, overtaking younger competitors. Management follows the latest global trends by purchasing more advanced equipment. The team consists of masters who began their work with the opening of the center. Today they are participants in Moscow and foreign trainings and master classes, so that they are the first in the city to learn the latest in the world of beauty industry.

The focus is on aesthetic medicine. These are all types of cosmetology, laser procedures, weight loss programs and body shaping. Here, experienced dermatocosmetologists create individual methods for patients with diabetes to care for the skin of the face and legs.

Various offers allow you to receive comprehensive services at better prices than in the price list. For example, this applies to preparing for a wedding or prom. "Diva" is located near Kirov Avenue on the street. Chapaeva 56. She works from 8.00 to 22.00 without days off. By calling the city number 73-53-53, you can find out about all the proposed procedures.


Rating of a beauty salon (Saratov): 4.7

The third place in the ranking is occupied by the beauty and health center, in which even very demanding customers receive services of European quality. Masters work here, many of whom have been trained not only in Russia, but also abroad. Some of them came from European countries. A certified massage therapist from Italy will eliminate stress and help you relax. In addition to the classic type, imperial gouache massage is offered, fitness-forming and sculptural-buccal.

Cryolipolysis is used to eliminate extra pounds, and the latest generation Israeli apparatus Vela Shape III, which is used only in this institution of Saratov, is used to correct the figure. The reduction in volume for 1 session is 2 cm. Victoria is a popular place among celebrity guests who come on tour. They are provided with image services before going on stage and eliminate fatigue and stress after performances.

According to reviews here, the first in the whole city offers new procedures that have only appeared in Russia. Many customers noted the availability of free Wi-FI and parking, the ability to drink tea or coffee with signature sweets from the establishment during the wait period. "Victoria" is located on the street. Michurina, d. 38/44. The operating mode is very convenient: daily from 8 to 22.00. Phone: +7 (8452) 54 8282.


Rating of a beauty salon (Saratov): 4.6

An honorable fourth place in the rating is at the salon with a loud, speaking name. To change and become like a movie star, you must visit DrugoY, in which the international level of service is combined with Russian hospitality. After the procedures, you do not always want to leave these walls, but you want to come here again. Here, not only a woman feels comfortable. Professional barbers will design a beard and mustache, make a fashionable men's haircut.

Creative hairdressers will pick up a stylish image, quite bold and bold, but perfectly matching the appearance of the client. Care procedures are carried out using well-known professional brands from France. Among the most popular services: elution, dyeing in various trending techniques, hair extensions. Permanent make-up, restoration of eyebrows and eyelashes, SPA-care for hands and nails, peels, wedding hairstyles are also in high demand.

Many noted that real hairdressing gurus work here, who are constantly improving and helping their clients transform. There are two operating institutions in Saratov. One is located in a large shopping center "Forum" at the address: Saratov, st. Tankistov, 1, the other - on the street. Moskovskaya, 115. They are open every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Contact phone: 8 (8452) 27 21 05.

Beauty area

Rating of a beauty salon (Saratov): 4.5

A true oasis of beauty is a salon located on the fifth line of the rating. Its interior coincides with the internal comfortable state of each visitor. In everything, the tenderness inherent in every woman is guessed, so this is precisely her place, her territory. Furniture and interior are created in pale yellow colors with bright colors. Red poppies are located on the sign, they also decorated the walls.

Makeup artists and hairdressers will help radically change the image. Wellness massage will relieve fatigue, anti-cellulite will help get rid of the "orange peel". Anti-aging programs using injection methods and modern devices eliminate the signs of age-related changes. For those who want to quickly lose weight, a unique technique of express weight loss has been developed. Keratin prosthetics will help restore healthy hair appearance and prevent hair loss.

A large selection of types of decorative nail care pleases not only women. The price includes both children's and men's manicures. Schedule: from 9 to 21 hours on weekdays, from 10 to 19.00 on weekends. Address: Saratov, Moskovskaya street, 149 A. The administrator will answer any questions by phone number: +7 8452 60 00 61.


Rating of a beauty salon (Saratov): 4.4

The sixth in the rating is a salon, the name of which is embodied in the interior. Visitors find themselves in the blue lagoon, which is especially pleasant during autumn slush or winter frosts. A warm cozy atmosphere with comfortable furniture in turquoise color, azure walls, soft light from the threshold raises the mood and allows you to fully trust the masters of the highest level.

Light music is heard in the room, and broadcasts about the life of marine life are broadcast on large-screen TVs. Clients receive image-making, corrective, anti-aging services. Specialists select individual programs, so coming to Oceania you can make a stylish styling and get a massage. Hairdressers will dye, colorize, tint, cut their hair and advise on home hair care.

Trichologists will help to cope with the problems of curls, restoring health, density and shine. Here, loss is stopped, alopecia is treated and hair implantation is performed. The facility is located in the city center at the intersection of traffic intersections and has its own guest parking. It is open seven days a week from 9 to 21.00. Administrator phone: +7 (8452) 75 40 54.

4 Elements

Rating of a beauty salon (Saratov): 4.3

The seventh line of the rating is occupied by the salon, which strictly adheres to the philosophy that everything should be harmonious and natural in a person, both inside and in appearance. They never carry out procedures that can be seen with the naked eye and which make clients look like one another. An integrated approach is provided for health and beauty. Image treatments are necessarily combined with relaxing ones.

Visitors choose anti-cellulite, Thai, lymphatic drainage massage, which is performed by professional graduates. Hairdressing procedures are performed using luxury cosmetics of French brands. It uses the latest technology, for example, "velvet manicure" or lifting Collagene Hyaluronique.

The loyalty program is well designed. Regular customers accumulate bonuses. First time visitors can participate in promotions. You can find out about current offers on the website or in social networks. Visitors highlighted a good location near the City Park and the presence of a large parking lot. You can tidy up every day from 9 am to 8 pm at the address: 2 A. Stantsionny proezd, 15 A. Contact phone: +7 8452 44 89 45.


Rating of a beauty salon (Saratov): 4.2

In eighth place of the rating is the Saratov salon, which is greeted with the original design from the entrance. The facade is made of artificial stone, the neon illumination of the sign, the modern design outside and inside the room - everything has to come here again and again. The masters are recorded in advance, as everyone managed to evaluate their qualifications. Even especially demanding clients leave satisfied and happy.

The services include many treatments for hair, face and hands. Here you can make a haircut and dyeing using the latest technologies, manicure, pedicure, nail and eyelash extensions. A dermatologist-cosmetologist will select the optimal program for the elimination of acne, wrinkles, age spots. The pride of the institution is a well-equipped physiotherapy room. VIP-line and STARVAC devices will help get rid of extra pounds, tighten the figure.

Thai massage lovers have the opportunity to relax under the skillful manipulations of an experienced massage therapist. Very popular is the piercing service. Here you can make punctures of any part of the body. The cost is quite affordable and starts at 500 rubles. The beauty center is located on Chernyshevsky street, 116. It is open daily from 9 to 20 hours. Phone for recording: 8 8452 20 33 73.


Rating of a beauty salon (Saratov): 4.1

Saratov Salon included in the rating has long been a favorite place for many women who value the comfort and high skill of specialists. “Versailles” - in ninth place. Its name is reflected in everything. The design resembles a royal palace with luxurious furniture. But there are no unnecessary details that aggravate the interior. Everything is done in order to make the client comfortable during any procedures.

There is no doubt in the competence of the masters. Each was trained in the most famous schools of the country and attends various master classes to improve their skills. The center offers to use image procedures, face and body rejuvenation services, relax in a SPA room, get rid of excess hair, build up nails, and do pedicures. Hairdressers will help completely transform, they will select the most optimal option for haircuts, dyeing and styling.

Interviewees noted that the salon always has a friendly atmosphere, new equipment, cosmetics and care products - well-known European brands. The beauty center is located on Chelyuskintsev street, house 144. It works from 9.00 to 19.00 without days off. You can sign up for any procedure by phone number: 8 8452 27 57 98.


Rating of a beauty salon (Saratov): 4.0

Closes the top ten salon, which is quite young in comparison with other rating nominees, but has already acquired regular customers who from the first visits appreciated the high quality of service. The interior is calm, classic without bright details, contributes to maximum relaxation during the procedures. The main ones are aimed at hair restoration and giving the appearance of a fashionable and modern look.

Prices are quite affordable. A female haircut for short hair will cost 350 rubles, a man's - 250 rubles. The price list offers a wide selection of services for improving curls. Classic procedures are also in demand: staining, highlighting, coloring, everyday styling and holiday hairstyles. A beauty parlor is opened in the center, where they help get rid of acne, improve and rejuvenate the skin of the face. Experts with experience will do manicure, pedicure, extensions, paraffin therapy, painlessly remove hair from any zones.

According to reviews, Etalon is an ideal option with a central location and various types of services at affordable prices. It is located on Kutyakova street, 41/59, and is open every day from 9 to 20 hours. Sunday until 19.00. Contact phone number: 8 8452 27 27 50.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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