12 best dance schools in Moscow

* Review of the best according to the editors of ecdfburma.org. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

There are over 250 dance schools in Moscow that offer training for adults and children with various levels of training. We selected 12 best studios where they can teach not only Russian ballet, but also modern break dance.

Rating of the best dance schools in Moscow

Nomination a place Dancing schoolrating
Best classical dance schools in Moscow 1School-Studio of Classical Ballet P. Korogodsky 5.0
2Dance School Vitaly Surma 4.9
3Gediminas Taranda Ballet Academy 4.8
4Workshop of the ballet Egor Simachev 4.7
Best modern dance schools in Moscow 1Drivedance 5.0
2SHOP 4.9
3New york 4.8
4Dance school of Victoria Kharitonova 4.7
The best dance schools in Moscow for children 1Actor 5.0
2Gulliver 4.9
3Todes 4.8
4Marte 4.7

Best classical dance schools in Moscow

The first nomination includes schools in which children and adults are taught in such areas as classical ballet, waltz, tango, ballroom dancing.

School-Studio of Classical Ballet P. Korogodsky

Rating: 5.0

We gave the leading place to the school of Peter Korogodsky. It was founded in 1999. They help to develop musicality and teach the basics of ballet dance. Students are invited to classes up to 40 years. Training courses vary in complexity. Spacious bright rooms that are equipped with mirrors are praised. The lessons are conducted by an experienced accompanist. Pointe shoes and ballet shoes can be purchased at the school. The number of people in groups is unlimited, so sometimes in the hall can be crowded.

Each lesson is a master class. Teachers practice an individual approach to each student. Classes are held to live music. A trial lesson costs 700 rubles, a subscription for 8 times will cost 4800 rubles. For an individual lesson you need to pay 3000 rubles. Pleases a beautiful site with easy navigation. Here you can find out about prices, schedules and news. Address: Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 17. Phone number: 7495-647-6797.

Dance School Vitaly Surma

Rating: 4.9

The second place was won by a dance school, which proudly bears the name of the Champion of Europe in ballroom dancing. Vitaliy Surma is a professional dancer, choreographer, holder of the international refereeing and coaching categories of WDC. He was the choreographer of the video for Arthur Pirozhkov for the song “Hooked Me”. Every Muscovite has the opportunity to sign up for a trial lesson with the European Champion absolutely free. To do this, you just need to leave a request on the school website.

The dance studio offers classes in such areas as waltz, tango, samba, rumba, salsa, bachata. The cost of a subscription for 8 classes is 3100 rubles. These are perhaps the best prices in the capital. On the network you can find a huge number of positive reviews. The ballroom dance studio is praised for its spacious rooms, the friendly and attentive attitude of teachers. Address: Moscow, Prospect Mira, building 84 (DK VDNH), Phone number: 7916-474-6670.

Gediminas Taranda Ballet Academy

Rating: 4.8

The G. Taranda Ballet Academy works in 3 directions: a children's ballet school, a ballet studio for adults, and a body ballet. Here, young people with different levels of training are trained - from beginners to artists who interrupted their careers, but once danced professionally. During the work of the school, over 700 students came out. There are 7 branches in total in the city. This can not but rejoice. The advantages of the studio include an individual approach, the opportunity to participate in serious productions along with experienced dancers. Particular attention is paid to acting.

The general curriculum is developed on the basis of the experience of famous dancers and teachers. The school provides a serious foundation in order to grow to the world stage. Great emphasis is placed on practice. Pupils constantly perform abroad. During the existence of the school, the guys from the ballet academy visited China, Portugal, Finland, France and many other countries. Phone: 7925-479-0390. Address: Moscow, Maly Predtechensky Lane 1 2.

Workshop of the ballet Egor Simachev

Rating: 4.7

The nomination is completed by the school of the Bolshoi ballet soloist Egor Simachev. The workshop offers group and personal lessons according to specially developed techniques. The set of exercises includes choreography, musical rhythm, plastic, jumping and improvisation, gymnastics and stretching. Judging by the reviews of parents, at school their children learn the basics of classical choreography and get acquainted with the world of the theater from the inside. They warn that physically it will not be easy for the children, even many adults are not ready to devote so much time and energy to preparing for performances and dance numbers. However, the result is worth it.

The Ballet Workshop has several branches in the city. They note that the hall on Presnya is too small. Of the minuses, an impressive list of paid services is distinguished. Subscription prices here are higher than in other institutions, given that the lesson lasts only 45 minutes. Thus, the reviews of the Ballet Workshop are rather contradictory. Phone: 7495-647-6611. Address: Moscow, Karetny Ryad Street, 3s7

Best modern dance schools in Moscow

In the second category, we reflected schools offering modern types of dance styles. This included go-go, hip-hop, jazz, break dance and many other styles.


Rating: 5.0

For those who want to learn modern dances in a short time, DriveDance studio works. Here are practiced areas such as hip-hop, house, break-dance, jazz-funk. Famous European choreographers work in the studio. They are ready to share their experience and dance pieces with students. Visitors are delighted with the huge cozy hall with an area of ​​170 square meters. m. It is surrounded by mirrors that allow you to monitor your every move.

Groups consist of 15-20 people. Classes are held in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. It is possible to order an individual lesson. Thus, everyone will find an hour for classes in accordance with their schedule. The pluses include a spacious dressing room, the presence of hair dryers, shampoos and towels. A trial lesson costs only 900 rubles. If you wish, you can issue your own club card or present a gift certificate to a loved one. At DriveDance Dance School, promotions and discounts are constantly available. So, 15 lessons per hour can be purchased at a price of 23,900 rubles instead of 26,900 rubles. Address: Moscow, 3rd street of the Yamsky field, house 2. Phone: 7495-477-96-37.


Rating: 4.9

The TSEH choreographic school begins its history in 1998, when the first Russian website on the Internet was created, dedicated to the professional community of modern dance. Today, the workshop offers classes for adults and children. Teachers are dancers and choreographers who are actively working in the field of modern dance. They are theater prize winners. Pupils are divided into three groups depending on the level of training. Main areas: contemporary dance, body conditioning / stretching, contemporary jazz.

Studio TSEH includes two floors with spacious rooms. They are connected by a bright corridor with a bar. Each unit has toilets, showers and changing rooms. Free wifi works. The advantages of the school include a convenient location of the building, unique study programs. Sensitive teachers and a welcoming atmosphere are praised. Judging by the information on the school website, classes can only be paid in cash. A subscription for a beginner costs 2000 rubles. Money for him does not come back. You do not have to buy a monthly subscription. One-time lessons can be paid. Address: Moscow, Skakovaya, 24. Phone: 7495-221-07-57.

New york

Rating: 4.8

The next line of the rating belongs to the New York Dance School, which became the best in 2014 according to the version of the Dance.Russian.Awards contest. Some of the most experienced teachers in the capital work in it. Classes are held in large halls with beautiful views of nature. Three spacious studios with high ceilings are equipped with a modern ventilation system. The atmosphere and atmosphere allow you to dance in perfect comfort.

At the New York school, the following dance styles are practiced: sports, house, break dance, hip-hop, vogue, body make. The cost of one lesson is 500 rubles for adults. These are quite reasonable prices for Moscow establishments. Among the advantages, there is a convenient relaxation area with free internet, plasma TV and a cooler. There are negative reviews about the uncomfortable schedule and tight locker rooms. Our attention was attracted by the colorful studio information site with easy navigation. On the company's resource you can get acquainted with the prices, schedules and teachers of the school. Address: Moscow, Electrolyte Ave. 7. Phone: 7499-391-0520.

Dance school of Victoria Kharitonova

Rating: 4.7

The first branch of the school was opened in 2009. Today, the center of Victoria Kharitonova has 4 rooms in different areas of the city. Visitors will find spacious dance halls, changing rooms and showers, individual rugs and musical accompaniment. You can choose from the following areas: oriental dancing, Lady's Style, Go-Go, Sexy R'n'B, Belly Dance. The school teaches to move gracefully during a wedding dance. Here they practice the technique of losing weight and teach stretching on hammocks.

For regular customers there are promotions and special offers. The minimum price for a subscription for 8 classes is 4000 rubles. A one-time individual lesson will cost 2500 rubles. You can pay for the service in cash or by credit card. In general, reviews of the dance school are positive. Attentive staff, polite administrators are praised. Many consider the center of Victoria Kharitonova one of the best in the field of stretching. Thanks to a strong team of stretching teachers, we are able to achieve excellent results. There are negative reviews related to the increase in prices for season tickets. Therefore, it is better to discuss the issue of paying for classes in advance with management in order to avoid misunderstandings. Address: Moscow, Masterkova, house 4. Phone: 8495-419-95-33.

The best dance schools in Moscow for children

The third category included schools that should be considered by parents who want to see their child on the dance floor.


Rating: 5.0

The last nomination is opened by the actor’s ballet school for children, where they teach folk and classical dance. Classes are held 3 times a week for 1.5 hours. Additionally, they offer acting courses. Children from 3 years old are taken to school. You can sign up for rhythmic gymnastics from 2 years. Each season in the studio hold reporting concerts, where parents can see the achievements of their kids.

The task of the ballet studio is to introduce the child to the professional scene from early childhood. Students of the Actor perform not only on the venues of the capital. The school is a participant in the international dance festival in Turkey. Students touring other countries and attend master classes by European educators. Judging by the reviews, the lessons at the school contribute to the physical development of the kids, they train the vestibular apparatus and discipline. Classical choreography for children will cost parents 10,000 rubles (per month), rhythmic gymnastics costs 6,000 rubles. Phone: 7903-585-86-68. Address: Moscow, Skakovaya, 3.


Rating: 4.9

Gulliver School of Choreography reveals the individuality of each student and gives children a lot of vivid impressions. For more than 10 years, children from the age of 4 years have been taught here. Boys and girls perform stretching, dancing and learning how to properly maintain posture. Lessons include elements of classical, pop and stage dance. The school of choreography is taught self-expression through music and body movements. Gulliver Studio students perform in popular shows, star in video clips and commercials. The course includes 3 lessons per week for 2 hours. You can get to the test lesson by filling out the form on the site.

Teachers of the studio have great artistic experience. They reveal creative potential and develop individual abilities of each child. Today, the school has more than 60 talented children who annually improve their skills. Phone: 7495-226-4487. Address: Moscow, Baltic, house 9.


Rating: 4.8

The dance school of Todes has several branches in the capital. Therefore, you can sign up for one that is closer to home. Children without experience are taken to the studio and introduce them to folk, ballroom and ballet dances. Pupils of the school perform at city concerts and reporting events. Each student gains excellent mastery of his body, self-confidence, graceful gait. It is worth considering that the costumes will have to be paid separately.

Judging by the reviews, the school has spacious bright rooms with a comfortable atmosphere. Experienced teachers who teach children to express themselves in dance are praised and develop their natural talents. Many of Todes's pupils become famous dancers. Classes are held in a convenient schedule. The reviews about Todes are controversial. For many parents, tuition fees seem overpriced. Groups of students are quite numerous, so the teacher does not have the opportunity to pay attention to each child. Address: Moscow, Paveletskaya embankment, 2. Phone: 74965-405-4040.


Rating: 4.7

The rating is completed by the Marte school, which offers training in various areas: ballroom, wedding, pop, ballet dancing. In the stage industry, it has existed for more than 12 years. In total, the studio has over 30 different styles for every taste. Classes are taught by experienced choreographers. One lesson lasts 1.5 hours. You can go to classes at a single subscription at any time. Children from 14 years old attend the first lesson for free. Parents can enroll a child from 3 years old in school.

According to reviews, Marte teachers control every gesture of the student, learn to hold the case correctly. The school’s website is clearly in need of improvement. The schedule of classes and their cost is best known by phone. The advantages of the school include low prices, a good location of the building near the metro, a convenient class schedule and roomy halls. Friendly teachers who inspire students for new achievements are praised. Address: Moscow, 16 Olympic Ave. Phone: 7495-517-3133.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.